Lukasz Szywala wins Artistic Championship

Tom Rossman, Lukasz Szywala and Mike Massey

Here are the results from the 2004 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships held Jan 12-15, 2005 at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California:

PRELIMINARY ROUND Results for top 12 players:

1: Lukasz Szywala (Poland): 270 points *** WORLD RECORD
2: Tom Rossman (Indiana, USA): 244 points *** WORLD RECORD until broken by Luke Szywala
3: Mike Massey (Utah, USA): 212 points
4: Sebastian Giumelli (Argentina): 210 points
5: Bruce Barthelette (Massachusettes, USA): 208 points
6: Andy Segal (New York, USA): 207 points
7: Nick Nikolaidis (Canada): 202 points
8: Jamison Neu (Missouri, USA): 201 points
9: Charles Darling (Missouri, USA): 187 points
10: Ralph Eckert (Germany): 183 points
11: Matt MacPhail (Massachusettes, USA): 182 points
12: Sal Conti (Connecticut, USA): 180 points



The top 4 finishers each received a bye in the first round: Lukasz Szywala, Tom Rossman, Mike Massey, Sebastian Giumelli

Round 1 Results:

Jamison Neu def. Charles Darling
Sal Conti def. Bruce Barthelette
Matt MacPhail def. Andy Segal
Nick Nikolaidis def. Ralph Eckert

Quarter Final Results:

Lukasz Szywala def. Jamison Neu
Sebastian Giumelli def. Sal Conti
Mike Massey def. Matt MacPhail
Tom Rossman def. Nick Nikolaidis

Semi Final Results:

Lukasz Szywala def. Sebastian Giumelli
Mike Massey def. Tom Rossman

Final Results:

Lukasz Szywala def. Mike Massey

FINAL EVENT RESULTS (after all rounds) are as follows:

1: Lukasz Szywala
2: Mike Massey
3: Tom Rossman
4: Sebastian Giumelli
5: Nick Nikolaidis
6: Jamison Neu
7: Matt MacPhail
8: Sal Conti
9: Bruce Barthelette
10: Andy Segal
11: Charles Darling
12: Ralph Eckert

Positions 13 thru 27 (listed in order of preliminary scores)

13: Michael Mossin (Russia): 179 points
14: Stefano Pelinga (Italy): 178 points
15: Mark Dimick (Oklahoma, USA): 155 points
16: Danny Harriman (Missouri, USA): 153 points
17: Steve Geller (North Dakota, USA): 148 points
18: Paul Potier (Canada): 147 points
19: Max Eberle (California, USA): 140 points
20: Bill Meima (New Jersey, USA): 139 points
21: Marcell Kaiser (Germany): 116 points
22: Tom Kinzel (Pennsylvania, USA): 112 points
23: Jason Lynch (Michigan, USA): 101 points
24: Paul Danno (New Jersey, USA): 98 points
25: Arkadiy Loshakov (Russia): 90 points
26: Gerry Woodlief (New Jersey, USA): 89 points
27: Byron Ledezma (Equador): 87 points

In addition, we awarded 9 Gold Medals. 8 of them indicate the players who performed the best in each of the 8 disciplines. The 9th was given to the best sportsman, determined by a vote of the players. Here are the results:

Discipline 1: Trick & Fancy: Ralph Eckert: 39 out of 40 points
Discipline 2: Prop / Novelty / Special Arts: Tom Rossman: 39 out of 48 points
Discipline 3: Draw: Lukasz Szywala: 36 out of 42 points
Discipline 4: Follow: Lukasz Szywala: 36 out of 37 points
Discipline 5: Bank / Kick: Steve Geller: 37 out of 39 points
Discipline 6: Stroke: Sal Conti: 32 out of 41 points
Discipline 7: Jump: Bill Meima: 38 out of 40 points
Discipline 8: Masse: Lukasz Szywala: 42 out of 46 points
Sportsman: Paul Danno

One point of special note is that this was the first time any billiard event was filmed in High-Definition Television. The semi-finals and finals were filmed by HD Net and should be shown sometime within the next month.

A special thanks goes out to all of our sponsors. First and foremost, our primary sponsor and host, The Bicycle Casino. In addition, thanks goes out to our other sponsors: The WPA, Dr Cue Promotions, Sardo Tight Rack, Gorina Cloth, McDermott Cues, Shooters Billiards, The Connecticut APA, Mike Massey, WebTec Hosting, and Jay Helfert. Special thanks to the IAPA board and staff for their tireless efforts to make this event a success!!