U.S. Open Artistic Championship this weekend

Mike Massey

Accu-Billiards in New Bedford, MA will be hosting the U.S. Open Artistic Pool Championship this weekend.

U.S. Players confirmed at this event are World Champion Mike Massey, Tom Rossman, Paul Gemi, Andy Segal, Ken Aylesworth, Steve Geller, Rick Malm, Charles Darling, Rick Hawkinson, Bruce Barthelette & Jamison Neu.

The European players include Ralph Eckert from Germany, Michael Mossin & Arkadiy Loshakov from Russia, Bogdan Wolkowski & Lucasz Szywala from Poland and Stephano Pelinga from Italy.

More information on this event is available by calling Accu-Billiards at 508-995-6286.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe