“Magic” Act at The Canadian 30K Tour

Dave McMahon

The Canadian 30K Tour stopped this past weekend at Petrinas Billiards in Ajax, Ontario. The owner, Frank Kakouros is an old friend of the tour and is directly to thank for the handicapping system that has been successfully used. Twenty-nine players participated, which was an excellent turnout as two other excellent events were taking place in Cananda this same weekend. Nearby the King and Queen of the Hill tournament was also being held in Orangeville and the Stan James was being held in Edmonton, Alberta.

This event ushered in a new tournament winner, “Magic” Dave McMahon who put his machine in overdrive gear and conquered the stop with the charisma of a seasoned pool player. Additionally, a new feature had it's debut at this event. A free entry was awarded from a random drawing to one playe. That player at this tourny was Jason Warren from North Bay. Another player, Adrian Fragoso won a cue and case in the weekend raffle.

The “Hot seat” was between "Magic" Dave McMahon 7+ and D J McGuinley 9+ (match was 7-9) and it was McMahon who triumphed to victory by a 7-5 score. On the one loss side was Tom Fraser 7 vs. Denise Belanger 6 and Fraser prevailed this time on a double hill battle. Belanger settled for fourth. In the match between Tom Fraser 7 vs. D J McGuinley 9+ (match is 7-10) and Fraser bested McGuinley in a tight hill-hill battle. In the finals Tom Fraser 7 gets to the A side via express delivery to meet “Magic” Dave McMahon and “Magic” went undefeated 8-4.

The next event is scheduled at Pool Paradise in Waterloo (519) 884-4969, 440 Phillip St. # 17, Waterloo- Ontario. Please contact the Canandian 30K Tour director, Willy Hermoza at (905) 371- 5335 for additional information.

The pay outs are:
1. Dave McMahon $ 800.00 w/ Calcutta
2. Tom Fraser $ 500.00 w/ Calcutta
3. D J McGuinley $ 300.00 w/ Calcutta
4. Denise Belanger $ 100.00