Make It Happen 14.1 Day Two

Mika Immonen, who had suffered two losses on Saturday due to two scratches, redeemed himself on Sunday with an impressive 113 ball run and a 75-1 win over Oliver Ortmann.

The next match was back and forth for a while but eventually Ralf Souquet prevailed over Danny Harriman 75-55. In the next match Thorsten Hohmann continued his dominance of the entire event with a 75-1 trashing of Oliver Ortmann.

Then Mika Immonen continued his run on the bonus money with a 123 ball run against Danny Harriman and Hohmann finished the day with a run of 105 to defeat Ralf Souquet 75-7.

After two days the standings are:

Thorsten Hohmann 4-0
Mika Immonnen  2-2
Oliver Ortmann 2-2
Ralf Souquet 2-2
Danny Harriman 0-4

Play continues today at