Hohmann Outshines the Others at 14.1

The first day of the Accu-Stats Invitational Make it Happen 14.1 event at Sandcastle Billiards is in the books. There were five matches on the first day and play continues today at Noon, EST.

The very first match of the day was Oliver Ortmann against Danny Harriman. Credit first match jitters for this one as neither man played to his ability. Ortmann was able to catch the first gear and ran 45 balls and out to claim the victory 75-8.

Mika Immonen had a shockingly unproductive day. In the second match he pocketed two balls and scratched. Ralf Souquet stepped to the tabs and ran a beautiful 112 balls to win 75 - 1. The race is only to 75 but if you are in the middle of a run you get to keep shooting for the bonus money that is available. $500 for a run of 100 and $500 for each 50 balls after that mark. Souquet won the match and $500 in Bonus cash.

Thorsten Hohmann is in form. In his match with Danny Harriman he looked completely at ease at the table and his game was classic. After running 117 balls for a 75-12 victory and $500 in bonus money the crowd of devoted 14.1 fans agreed that Hohmann is the man to beat this week. One long-time commentator said that Hohmann looked simply magnificent, even managing break shots from positions where break shots are not supposed to be made.

Oliver Ortmann and Ralf Souquet are old friends and, of course, countrymen. They have nothing but respect for one anothers game. Their match began cautiously, both men seeking an opening from which they could take command. Ortmann found that key shot first and ran 57 and out to defeat Souquet 74-22.

What are the odds? Mika Immonen had seen a scratch derail his chance at victory in game #2 against Souquet. In the final match of the day Immonen had to play the hot-shooting Hohmann. But things were looking good for the Iceman as he stood over the 75th ball and measured position for the next shot to continue his run towards the bonus money. Mika made the 75th ball and then watched in agony as the cue ball once again found gravity and scratched. Hohmann came to the table and won the match 75-74. Immonen is left to marvel at his ill fortune.

There are still two more days of action to enjoy. Sign up to watch this live at www.accu-stats.com