March Brings in New Gold Mine Winners

First Place Lucasi

We have five brand-new Gold Members to whom we will be sending prizes. Our winners this month are: bbb, j2pac, ChopStick, Mr. Bond, and ctyhntr. bbb won first place, j2pac took second and the rest all share 3-5th place.


Our Gold Member Giveaway now features Accu-Stats Videos with a twist. The twist is that with most DVD giveaways the winner does not get to choose the prize. But with AZB you do. So all of our Gold Member Winners  have won their choice of any Accu-Stats video in the entire Accu-Stats library. We will send each winner an Accu-Stats catalog and they may then choose their free video. As an extra bonus, should the winner see more than one video that they would really like to have then they will get 50% off of every video they order when they order their free one. That offer is not limited to a low number of titles. It is 50% off for as many as you wish to get on that first order!

Plus, the First-Place Gold Member (bbb) has also won a Lucasi Custom Cue, Model LZ2008, the Zero Flexpoint Cue. This cue has an antigue-stained super birdseye maple forearm with six-point ebony, white polymer and black-veined recon stone inlays.

Our second-place winner (j2pac) will receive a JB “Rugged” case that is a rarity. Inside the case lid JB has installed the AZB logo. Less than a dozen of these were made.

If you would like to become a Gold Member and qualify for these drawings just go HERE and GO GOLD!