Marquee Names Fall at US Open Day Three

Warren Kiamco handed Mika Immonen an early loss

Day three at the 38th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship is in the books and the brackets have eliminated a selection of the "regional players", and moved a handful of top contenders to the one loss side of the board.

Former two time champion Mika Immonen is easily the biggest name on the left side of the board, after a hill-hill loss to Warren Kiamco in the second round. Immonen was quickly joined on the one loss side by Charlie Williams, after a lopsided 11-5 loss to Jayson Shaw in round two. Both Immonen and Williams righted their ships and are still threats on the one loss side.
Jesse Engel, who has appeared to struggle in his matches all week, scored a late night hill-hill victory over Ernesto Dominguez to eliminate Dominguez from play. 
The WPBA's Monica Webb was brought back down to earth with an 11-2 loss at the hand of Karl Boyes. Boyes will next face China's Wang Can.
Other marquee names on the one loss side include Ralf Souquet, Shannon Daulton, Yukio Akagariyama, Imran Majid, Raj Hundal, Daryl Peach and Brandon Shuff.
The list of undefeated players is down to just 32 names, but those 32 names include some of the biggest names in pool. Winners side matches on Thursday include Shane Van Boening vs Fabio Petroni, Nikos Ekonomopoulos vs Earl Strickland, Rodney Morris vs Corey Deuel, Warren Kiamco vs Huidji See, Tommy Kennedy vs Jayson Shaw and Darren Appleton vs Oliver Ortmann
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