US Open 10-Ball Shocks The Stars

Strickland faces Souquet Today

The matches on Saturday produced some surprising fatalities. Done for the week already are Donny Mills, Lee Brett, Phil Burford, Matt Krah, Manny Chau, Robb Saez, Tommy Najar, Max Eberle, Jesse EngelIvica Putnik, Ernesto Dominguez, Marc Vidal, Brandon Shuff,  and Larry Nevel.

Th empower of this field is so strong that the One-Loss side is populated by names that are not usually found there. Already down to one bullet are Jayson Shaw who lost to Charlie Williams, Thorsten Hohmann who lost a squeaker 9-8 to Rodney Morris, Chris Melling who fell before John Morra and Dennis Orcollo who lost his very first match to Chris Melling 9-7.

The list continues. Also on the desperate side are Nikos Ekonomopoulos who fell to Santos Sambajon and Shaun Wilkie who lost to Wu Jia Qing. Superstars will face sudden death this morning when Daryl Peach faces Shane Van Boening and Earl Strickland faces Ralf Souquet. The Strickland/Souquet match will be live on TAR at 10 AM.

Other stars on the one-loss side include John Schmidt, Hunter Lombardo, Darren Appleton, Stevie Moore, Rafael Martinez, Francisco Bustamante, Oscar Dominguez, Scott Frost, Warren Kiamco and Jason Klatt. Needless to say, some powerful blood will find the floor today.

On the winner's side of the chart Ko Pin Yi will face Mika Immonen at 12:30 on the TAR stream. For a complete listing of matches today you may check the AZB live brackets. Live scoring is also available there so you can follow unstreamed matches rack by rack.