Maryland 14.1 Championship Day Two

Steve Lipsky (Photo courtesy of Eric Colbert)

The final day of play here at Big Daddy's Billiards in Glen Burnie, Maryland is underway and already this morning we have seen fantastic runs from the players.  As mentioned yesterday, play today is single elimination with the initial rounds racing to 125 balls and finals to 150.

The latest update comes in the form of two of the top players taking the bull by the horns and dominating their opponents.  Top seed Danny Barouty began with opponent Don Polo and after an approximate 60 ball run, finished out the match on top 125-5.  Lipsky drew Joe Hong and during his match pulled together a 54 ball run with an eventual outcome and win of 125-7.

Other matches of interest include Brett Stottlemyer's close win over Marty Ciccia at 125-105 with a high run of 40 balls during play; Shaun Wilkie bested Brian Keggins 125-31 with 55 balls running; Dan Heidrich overcame Alan Duty 125-49 with a high run of 73 balls; Bob Maidhof pushed through Larry Moy 125-69, high run of 60 balls; Bob Chamberlain snuck by Andy Lincoln 125-109 with a 50 ball run; and Big Daddy's owner Richard Molineiro was defeated by Ed Deska 125-46 (Deska had 61 ball run).

Next round match-ups are beginning at this time - Danny Barouty is pitted against Chamberlain; Stottlemyer will take on Wilkie; Lipsky is slotted to meet Heidrich; and Deska will match Maidhof.

As the day progresses, we expect the caliber of play to only grow, so if you are in the area, stop in and enjoy great 14.1 action.