Masters Day One

Dennis Hatch

The first round of the Masters had some familiar names in play. Earl Strickland plowed under Eddie Richards 8-1 and Josh Ulrich fared even better with an 8-0 win over Lary Phlegar. Eddie Abraham played a fine round against Ralf Souquet. leading at one point 5-3 and then 6-4 before Souquet, suffering from a nagging upper respiratory problem, finally found his stick and won 8-6. Randy LaBonte and Hunter Lombardo went to hill-hill before Lombardo managed to three-foul LaBonte for the 8-7 win and Eric Moore eluded Matt Krah 8-6. The Accu-Stats table featured a very close set between Jundel Mazon and Shaun WIlkie that had Mazon prevail 8-6. Jesse Engel took Nigel Francis out 8-4 and our last match found Chris Loar coming out ahead of Dave Grau 8-6.

The second round of the day began with Warren Kiamco taking a forfeit from Jim Smith. Mike Dechaine whitewashed Gary Creasy 8-0 in a match where he barely set a foot wrong. The Accu-Stats match found Shane Van Boening taking care of business 8-4 over Michael Fuller while Scott Tollefson had his way 8-2 over Marc Vidal. Brandon Shuff is nursing a very sore ankle but still managed an easy win over Mike Harvey 8-2. Chris Orme defeated Ozzy Reynolds 8-4 and an hour later Shane Winters edged Jeremy Sossei 8-7 to finally finish the round.

The third round found us with another forfeit. Jose Parica failed to show for his match with Alex Pagulayan so the Lion got an easy progression to the next round. Charlie Williams showed his strength as he passed Bill Dunsmore 8-4 and Sam Monday pushed Cary Dunn aside 8-3. Rob Leeper defeated Tim Colvin 8-6 and Tommy Kennedy showed his stuff on the TV table by controlling Dave Bollman 8-6. Brian Brekke struggled early on against Jerome Rockwell but prevailed in the end 8-5.

The final round of the day found a few rollovers. Johnny Archer dumped Masafumi Mochizuki 8-3 and Shawn Putnam wrecked So Shaw 8-1. Mike Davis ruined Randy Whitehead's day 8-1 and Chris Futrell won over Aymen Neyaz 8-4. John Morra had a bit of a battle with Bill Duggan that he won 8-6 and our final match to end saw Stevie Moore taking down John Mitcheltree 8-4.

Some feature matches to look forward to on Tuesday include Warren Kiamco (who just won the all-around title at the US Bar Table Championships in Reno) facing the ever-strong Dennis Hatch and Shane Van Boening going up against Brandon Shuff.