Masters Day Two Eliminations

Mika Immonen

Wednesday became packing day for many at the Masters Championship. Larry Phlegar, Matt Krah, Shaun WIlkie, Randy Labonte, Gary Creasy, TIm Colvin, Mike Harvey, Bill Duggan and Randy WHitehead have had their efforts come to naught.

But Rodney Morris had a great day. He passed Scott Tollefson 8-0. Alex Pagulayan knocked off Brian Brekke 8-1 and Mika Immonen dominated Jesse Engel 8-2. Earl Strickland slipped past Gabe Owen 8-6 and Chris Loar enjoyed the identical margin over Eric Moore. Jundel Mazon sent Johnny Archer left (8-5) in a match that had the most surprising miss of the tournament when Archer had a straight-in shot on the 10 to go 6-6 and missed it to gift the rack to Mazon. The second round ended with Ralf Souquet defeating Hunter Lombardo 8-3 and Charlie WIlliams over Josh Ulrich 8-5.

Mike Dechaine brought the pain to Sam Monday on Wednesday. Busted him up 8-0. Shane Van Boening treated Brandon Shuff just as rudely. Corey Deuel took down Chris Futrell 8-3 even though Futrell had the advantage of a hometown cheering squad. Dennis Hatch took Warren Kiamco apart 8-2. Other players remaining undefeated with wins in the third round were Mike Davis, Stevie Moore, Shane Winters and Shawn Putnam who held off a late run by John Morra in their match.

The final two rounds of the day were all matches on the one loss side and saw the eliminations of such notables as Josh Ulrich, Jeremy Sossei, Dave Grau and Sam Monday.

Thursday matches on the winners side will include such marquee matchups as Earl Strickland vs Charlie Williams, Alex Pagulayan vs Rodney Morris, Mike Dechaine vs Stevie Moore, Mike Davis vs Corey Deuel and Shane Van Boenings vs Shawn Putnam.

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