Megan Smith wins 2010 season opener on the J Pechauer NEWT tour in Frederick Maryland

Briana Miller, Gary Allen (Owner - Champion Billiards & Sports Café) and Megan Smith

Congratulations to the 31 women who competed in this weekend's event.  It was played in a wonderful room with more than 12 Gabriel and Olhaussen tables.  The staff and food were fantastic .  We appreciated our fans especially Rich and Kathy (the real regulars) and all the others including Mike Siegel.  Thank you for your support Gary – we look forward to returning to you on May 1st and 2nd for the Maryland State Championship!

Play started on Saturday with some great first round matches and wins by newcomers including an upset of My-Hanh Lac by new to the area Kim Jones and wins by Aubrey James, Pam Oves, and Shanna Lewis.  We were glad to get some players back out to competition such as Ceci Strain, Kathy Friend, Patti Jakusz and Pauline Mattes.  A special congratulations goes out to Kathy and her new Boy boy..

Briana Miller and Erin McManus continued their winning ways of last weekend at the Super Billiards Expo and both steamrolled through Saturday to return on Sunday.  Sunday's winner's side was rounded out by Megan Smith, Shanna Lewis and Neslihan Feliz.  Also playing in the final eight were Sharon O'Hanlon, Olga Gashkova, and My-Hahn Lac.

My-Hanh was on a winning streak of six before she hit the wall of Briana Miller who was focused on the finals.    Briana finished in second place after losing to Megan Smith in the finals   7-2.   Congratulations Megan!

Photo courtesy of Dan Demaree