Mike Davis Comes From Behind to Earn 2007 Blaze 9-Ball Tour Championship

Ernie owner and winner of Tourney Mike Davis

The Blaze 9-Ball Tour Championships for the 2007 season was held on January 27th-28th, at Atlantic City Billiards. The tour would like to thank all of the sponsors that helped to make this and other events throughout the season a great success. Without your support the tour would not have been possible again thank you.

Special thanks to Ernie for hosting the finale event. A strong field of 93 players came out to play, players like Mike Davis, Ryan McCreesh, Mika Immonen, Jerry Slivka, Allen Hopkins, Manny Chau, and Shin Park just to name a few great players in attendance.

Leading the way was Ryan McCreesh and Mika Immonen playing each other for the hot set. This was a blow out with Ryan McCreesh beating Mika Immonen 9-3 to get take the hot seat but the big story once again was Mike Davis coming from the one-loss side to make his way into the finals. In the finals, it was Mike Davis against hot-seat winner Ryan McCreesh. Davis had to beat McCreesh twice and that he did winning the first match 7-2 and the second match 9-4, to win the 2007 Blaze 9 Ball Tour Championship title.