Mike Miller wins Blaze Stop

Mike Miller with Owner Bob Maidhof

Blaze Stop # 32 was hosted by Drexeline Billliards on Sunday October 21st. A field of 30 players came out to play, Players like Danny Basavich, Karen Corr, Joey Testa, Liz Ford, Josh Brothers, Pamela Treadway, Mike Miller, Julie Kelly, and Matt Krah.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Joey Testa with wins over Shaun Dobson 7-6, Joe Hong 7-1, Wes Dobson 7-1, and Matt Krah 7-6. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mike Miller with wins over Julie Kelly 7-3, Steve Shaw 7-2, and Karen Corr 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Joey Testa VS Mike Miller this was a great match but when it was all said and done it was Mike Miller coming away with the win 7-4 and sending Joey Testa to the one lost side. Waiting for Joey Testa on the one lost side was Matt Krah this was a one way match with Joey Testa running away with the match 6-2, to get to the finals for a rematch with Mike Miller.

In the finals it was a rematch with Mike Miller VS Joey Testa, Testa has to beat Mike Miller twice but it was Mike Miller's day he won the first set 6-3 to win the his first Blaze Tournament.