Naomi Williams wins Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Stop 7

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held tour stop # 7 Table Sports Canada Jack and Jill Shootout WPBA Qualifier at Dunlop Billiards, in Barrie, Ontario. With $1500.00 added sponsored by Table Sports Canada, MFS Mortgages and Dunlop Billiards, the event was packed with women and men competing for the prizes. For the ladies event, the 1st place prize was the 2008 WPBA qualifier plus cash and Naomi Williams fights her way to the top! In the men's event, Brian Bedford, owner of Dunlop Billiards directed the event with $500.00 added to the prize fund and the event brought out a full field of 32 players. In this division, Paul Tytler was on fire and was crowned Jack Shootout champ! “This was our very first men's and women's event and we are very happy that it turned out great! We will include more of these events in the following year.” said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

On Sunday saw the returning players of Naomi Williams, Brittany Bryant, Grace Nakamura, Corrine Johnson, Alicia Frampton and Tina Meraglio. In the men's division, the top 8 players on Sunday follows: Andrew Attard, Jaypee Castillo, Rob Reid, Greg Johnson, Chris Jenkins, Wayne Groves, Edward Reyes and Paul Tytler.

In the women's division, the field grew smaller, as Nakamura was ousted by Meraglio, and Frampton defeats Johnson in a hill-hill match. Meraglio and Frampton play in the match for 4th place and after close match, Frampton settles for the 4th place finish and Meraglio goes on to pitch her skills again Bryant. In the final B side match, Bryant was on fire and nothing was going to stop her goals in making it to the finals. With a 7-3 final score, Meraglio settles for 3rd place.

With the tournament finals about to begin, spectators were anxious to see the young and talented upcoming player Bryant. In this true double elimination format, she was given the difficult task of having to beat Williams twice. In the first set Bryant showed incredible poise and control and every time she approached the table you just knew that a run was in the horizon. Bryant dominated the first set by a final score of 7-1.

In the second set it was all tied up 2-2 in the early going, when Bryant jumped ahead and took what appeared to be a commanding 6-3 lead. But the tables turned on Bryant as she felt the pressure of trying to complete the run out on the table. In the 11th rack, Bryant still leads a 6 – 4 and in the alternate break format it was her turn at the table to break. With a well executed break shot she appeared to be on her way to the title, when suddenly she was robbed on what looked to be a well hit 5 ball into the corner pocket. Williams was then able to knot the score with the next couple of games by playing some good shots at the right moment. Williams' skill level just seemed too much for Bryant to overcome as Williams finishes the set. Congratulations to Williams on the qualifier and the title!

In the Men's division, there were many surprising results as each player on the B-side fought their way to the number one spot. In the B-side final, Attard is matched up with Reyes, and Attard was just come from playing an awesome match against a great player Chris Jenkins. In this match, Attard proves to be on top of his game sending Reyes to settle for 3rd place. In the final match, it was a close match between Attard and Tytler. Both players show their best skill on the table, thus no one was letting their guard down. If one failed to complete the rack, the other took over. In the last set, the match went hill-hill, but Tytler breaks the ice, and cleans up the table. Nice shooting guys!

Total $1675.00 includes $1000.00 added
1st place -Naomi Williams - $200.00 + Qualifier
2nd place - Brittany Bryant - $375.00
3rd Place - Tina Meralgio - $230.00
4th Place - Alicia Frampton - $100.00
5th/6th place - Grace Nakamura/Corrine Johnson $75.00 each

Total $2350.00 includes $500.00 added

1st place – Paul Tytler $750.00
2nd place – Andrew Attard $500.00
3rd Place – Edward Reyes $350.00
4th Place – Greg Johnson $250.00
5th/6th place – Chris Jenkins//Wayne Groves $150.00 each
7th/8th place – Jaypee Castillo/Rob Reid $100.00 each