New Professional League Forming

The World Professional Billiard League “Super Series” has been formed to not only introduce the new game of Bonus Ball to the world, but to help show case the talents of the world's best players. Bonus Ball is unique to the pool world because of the scoreboard, time clock and statistical data it brings to the game of pool. What better way to introduce it than having eight of the world's best professional players show case it!

Bonus Ball had it's debut at the US Nine Ball Open event in October in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is a game designed to show case all aspects of pool. It was designed with a time clock to make it more suitable for television and tournaments. In Bonus Ball, you also score points instead of using ball elimination. The statistical program implemented by the WPBL will give fans a lot to analyze. It will give us a picture of how the professional players rank against each other in Bonus Ball.

In January of this year, professional players, Johnny Archer and Erik Hjorleifson, sat down with World Wide Sport of Billiards founders, Larry Chiborak and Barry Bremner, to share their ideas on where to go next with Bonus Ball. That was the day when the World Professional Billiard League was born. Joining Johnny Archer and Erik Hjorleifson in the WPBL are Corey Deuel, Nick Varner, Rodney Morris, Shane Van Boening, John Schmidt and Francisco Bustamante.

These eight players will be playing in a unique format that will have each player competing against each other three times, playing the game of Bonus Ball. There will be four of the eight players in a final day play-off of races to four. Each player will be rewarded with points that they will carry with them to the next event. The first event is scheduled for May the 6th to the 9th in Winnipeg, Canada at the beautiful McPhillip Station Casino. Winnipeg is the birth place of the game of Bonus Ball.

You can learn more about Bonus Ball and the WPBL at on the web. You will find many articles on how to play Bonus Ball and video of Johnny Archer and Erik Hjorleifson walking the viewer through an actual game of Bonus Ball. This is a very exciting addition to billiards, not only a new game but a new league for professionals pool players.