Olinger and Justice amongst Central Ohio Open winners

Alex Olinger

At the twenty-fourth stop on the 2010-2011 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) eighteen women and seventy four men gathered for singles play at the Central Ohio Open contested at 8 Ball Sports Bar and Billiards located in Columbus, Ohio. Team play consisted of seventeen men's and eight women's teams.  The $1,500 added weekend featured double-elimination 8-ball formats on twenty 7-foot tables.  Mike and Shannon Dunn served as tournament directors for the event. The men raced to seven on the winners' side and five on the loser's side. The women's race was to five on both sides of the draw.

At the end of the Men's Single event, Dayton, Ohio's Alex Ohlinger collected the $650.00 first prize money. Having lost early in the winner's bracket to Mark Thompkins 6-7, Ohlinger battled his way back through the loser's bracket – including wins over Tony Mougey 5-3, Shayne Morrow 5-3, Billy McCollim 5-1, Mike Cantrell 5-1, Tim Roberts 5-4 and Mark Thompkins 5-1 - prior to defeating Jerry Hager in the finals in two sets 7-3 and 5-0 for the event title!

In the Women's Singles, Columbus area local, Tara Justice, remained undefeated throughout.  Justice defeated former USA Junior National team member Liz Lovely 5-4 to win the hot seat.  Lovely then succumbed to 2010 champ Teruko Cucculelli 5-1.  Justice lost the first set of the final to Cucculelli 5-1, but came back to win the hill/hill game in the deciding set to capture the women's $275.00 first prize money.

In the Men's Team event “Fiddlestix” of Canton Ohio beat “Thrown Together” 7-5 for the hot seat.  “Thrown Together” then beat “No Chance” 7-5 for the rematch.  “Fiddlestix” won the finals 7-5 for the $1,900 first prize.

In the Womens Team event “O'Malley's-Day” of Columbus, Ohio performed the same feat on the women's side, beating Sportsmen's Class 5-3 for the hot seat.  “Sportsmen's Class” then lost to “Boobie Trap” 5-2.  In the event finals “Boobie Trap” beat “O'Malley's-Day” hill-hill (5-4) in set #1; but then “O'Malley's Day” won the deciding set 5-3 for the title and $730.00 first prize.

$11,660 was paid out in total for the four events The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour. All entries in the Tour are also entered into a drawing in an end-of-Tour drawing for four (4) $400+ value Lucasi Hybrid Cues courtesy of Ozone Billiards.  Sponsorship opportunities and tour stop openings are still available for the 2010/2011 All American Tour by contacting the ACS.

The Tour remains active over the next two weekends, featuring: 1). a $500 added 8-Ball Tourney on Saturday, February 5, at Leisure Time Billiards in East Moline, IL (contact Dwaine Bowman at 309-752-9559); 2). a $1,000 added Dakota Cue Club 8-Ball Tourney on Saturday, February 5 in Sioux Falls, SD (contact Adam Behnke at 605-275-7665); 3). the $500 added “Valentine's 8-Ball Massacre” on Saturday, February 12 at Q's Sports Bar & Girl in Port Charlotte, FL (contact Ken Coulter at 941-764-6969); and

4). a $500 added 8-Ball Tourney on Saturday, February 12, at Cue Master Billiards in Dubuque, IA (contact Bill Kramer at 563-557-0875). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2010/2011 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour are available at www.americancuesports.org. 

Final Results:

Open Singles ($250 added) -

1st        Alex Ohlinger             $650 + $900 Side pot
2nd        Jerry Hager                  $400 + $440 Side pot
3rd        Mark Thompkins         $240 + $335 Side pot
4th        Tim Roberts               $180 + $210 Side pot
5-6th     Mike Cantrell              $130 + $105 Side pot
Mark Snodgrass                     
7-8th     Adam Martin              $90
            Bill McCollim
9-12th   Luke Hawkins             $70
            Shayne Morrow         
            Jason Thomas
            Tony Mougey
13-16th Abel Ferrer                  $40
            Rod Day
            Mike Deshaies
            Tim Chambers

Women's Singles ($250 added) -

1st        Tara Justice                 $275  + $275 Side pot
2nd        Teruko Cucculelli        $200  + $115 Side pot
3rd        Liz Lovely                   $130
4th        Julie Skripak               $70 


Open Teams ($500 added) -

1st        “Fiddlestix”                $1,900  + $400 Side pot
            Brian Frank
            Chris Szuter
            Ben Zimmer
            Brian Halter

2nd        “Thown Together”   $1,100  + $160 Side pot
            Michael Dunn
            Shane Lykins
            Jerry Hager
            Wes Davis

3rd        “No Chance”             $600
            Shayne Morrow
            Skip Shumate
            Willie Vanguilder
            Stormy Flick

4th        “Extreme Team”       $300 
            Steve Rose
            Nathan Wallace
            Mario Herevia
            James Cantrell
            Mike Cantrell

Women's Teams ($500 added) -

1st        “O'Malley's Day”      $730 + $170 Side pot
            Teri Tigyer
            Tracy Cantrell
            Sandy Day

2nd        “Boobie Trap”           $430 + $70 Side pot
            Carrie Shannon
            Julie Skripak
            Amy Theriault

3rd        “Sportsmen's Trap” $290
            Tara Justice
            Shannon Dunn
            Rosallie Fuller