Parica to face Jones in US Open finals

Jose Parica

Jose Parica has defeated Keith McCready and will face Jeremy Jones in the finals of the 28th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship.

Parica had remained undefeated until losing to McCready on Saturday evening, but he got his revenge on Sunday afternoon. Parica held an early lead of 3-1 after two table runs and held the lead at 5-2 when McCready started making a run. An early combo followed by a table run got McCready going and he climbed out to a 6-5 lead. Then it was Parica's turn to make another run when he followed up a table run with back-to-back early combinations. This brought Parica to a 9-6 lead. The players went back and forth until 10-8 when McCready had a very tough 7-ball to get shape on. He amazed the crowd as he spun the cue-ball around the table to get on the 7-ball. Even with the great shot to get shape, McCready missed the 7-ball leaving Parica a three ball run to notch the 11-8 win.

McCready finished in third place and won $10,000 for the event. Parica will face Jones at 7PM EST with the eventual winner pocketing $30,000 for first place.

Brackets are online and we have posted the gallery from the players meeting as well as galleries from Diana Hoppe and Mark Whiteside.