Preacher Ronn’s World Class Monthly One-Pocket Tournament – Frost finishes in First at March event

Scott Frost

Scott “The Freezer” Frost doesn't win every time he plays in Preacher Ronn's monthly one-pocket tournament, but he did in March despite having to give up huge spots to the rest of the field.

“Preacher” Ronn Rutan, a strong one-pocket player in his own right, is the brainchild behind a unique handicap system that allows Arizona players the opportunity to hone their skills in pool's toughest game, playing against some of the game's toughest players, and all for the low “tuition” fee of only $35.

Preacher Ronn's World Class One Pocket Tournament is held the last Saturday of every month at Kolby's Corner Pocket in Tempe, AZ.  Kolby's is not only called home by Frost and Rutan, it is owned by Jimmy Jo Langston, himself a former state one-pocket champion.  

In addition to “The Freezer”, the event held Saturday, March 28, drew a talented field that included the likes of Gus Briseno, Bernie Pettipiece, and another former state one-pocket champion, Mike “Pancake” Pankoff.  

All gladiators battled valiantly in the early matches until things came down to Scott playing Gus, and Bernie playing “Preacher” Ronn, to see who would play for the hot seat.  That part was decided when Scott booted Gus, and Bernie belted Ronn over to the one-loss side.  Over there, “Pancake” acted like he was in a hurry to go somewhere, so “Preacher” obliged him by sending him on his way in a great two-to-one match.  In the meantime, Bernie, having received his own ticket to the one-loss side, compliments of “Frosty,” was now going to have to face “Preacher” Ronn again.  “Preacher” hunkered in for this match, but revenge wasn't meant to be his as Bernie came out the victor once again.  But in a great final match between Frost and Pettipiece, Scott said “no way” to Bernie, and sent him out the door as well.

Preacher Ronn wanted to express special thanks to Lenny and "OnTheRail" for live streaming the event.  We'll see you all next month on the last Saturday.

Final Results:

1st    Scott Frost

2nd   Bernie Pettipiece

3rd    Ronn Rutan