Predator International 10-Ball Final Four

Dennis Orcollo



Roberto Gomez (PHI) 5

Charlie Williams (USA) 11

Stephen Folan (UK)  8

Rodolfo Luat  (PHI)  11

Corey Deuel  (USA)   11

Daryl Peach  (ENG) 9

Warren Kiamco  (PHI) 11

Hiroshi Takenaka  (JPN)      9

Mika Immonen (FIN)   7

Oliver Ortmann (GER) 11

Manuel Gama (POR)           4

Johnny Archer (USA) 11

Karl Boyes  (ENG)        11

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)  6

Alex Pagulayan  (PHI)    11

Vincent Facquet  (FRA)   9


John Schmidt  (USA)  4

David Alcaide  (SPN  11

Tony Drago  (MALTA)  6

Dennis Orcollo  (PHI) 11

Imran Majid  (ENG)           11

Thorsten Hohmann  (GER)  7

Nick Van Den Berg  (NED)  9

Rodney Morris  (USA)       11

Stevie Moore   (USA)  3

Ralf Souquet  (GER) 11

Shawn Putnam  (USA)  11

Allison Fisher    (ENG)   5

Tony Robles  (USA)   11

Yu Ram Cha   (KOR)    7

Darren Appleton  (ENG)     9

Oscar Dominguez  (USA)  11

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Sponsors for this event include Ozone Billiards, which is also joined by, Simonis Cloth, Diamond Tables, Aramith Balls, Laser Rack, Uni-Loc, and the event host BCA Pool Leagues in this Dragon Promotions production.


The first match up in the morning saw Charlie Williams v David Alcaide. Charlie soon put a stop to Davids run in the event, with another display of great pool, which even Charlie admits is amazing as he spends more time promoting for Dragon Promotions than he spends in the practice room.

Dennis Orcollo has just not shown the old Dennis yet in this event, yet he is still in it and pity the opponents if he finds his A game.

Dennis was matched up against Rodolfo Luat and came out the winner ending Luat's great run in the event. We now had a match up between Charlie Williams and Dennis Orcollo. Charlie put up a good fight in this match holding on to tie it at 6-6, but Dennis just caught another gear, and won every game from there and shut Charlie out with a 11-6 win. This put Dennis into the first quarter finals bracket.

Next up we had Corey Deuel against Imran Majid, with Imran coming out the winner. He would now wait for the winner of the next match up Rodney Morris and Warren Kiamco, Warren would get the better of Rodney in this match.

We now had Imran Majid up against Warren Kiamco to find out who would play Dennis Orcollo in the quarters. Warren was always the winner in this match up, and now plays  Dennis Orcollo in the first quarter final at 11 pm on Saturday morning.

The next match up in the final sixteen line up was Oliver Ortmann against Ralf Souquet.

It did not take Ralf long to dispose of his fellow German, and now had to wait for the winner of the next match between Shawn Putnam and Johnny Archer. This match would go Shawn's way and he came out the winner, to play Ralf in the next round.

Ralf who was on a tear and was taking no prisoners in this event, soon got the win against Mr Putnam to put him into the bottom of the bracket quarter final.

The last pair up in the last sixteen was Karl Boyes against Tony Robles. Tony, who has been playing some of his best pool for a long time, just could not get the better of young Karl Boyes of England, and Karl came out the winner to now find himself matched up against the winner of Oscar Dominguez and Alex Pagulayan.

Alex came out the winner in this match, ending another fine run by Oscar Dominguez.

We now had what would turn out to be a classic late night match between Alex Pagulayan and Karl Boyes, which would turn out to be the match of the day, going overtime with safety packed play.

Alex would finally come out the winner with a score line of 11-9. The last rack had plenty of oohs and aahs, with a miscue, jumps and safeties galore. Karl did have a chance to get it to 10-10 but missed a five ten combo to square the match, leaving the same shot, but just a little easier for Alex to win the match.

Alex as we all know has a big heart as well as being a character, and fought hard in this match to come out the rightful winner. He showed his big heart in his match up against Vincent Facquet of France in his first round match on Saturday morning. Trailing Mr Facquet (Trickshot artist in his real life) 7-2 Alex managed to claw his way back into the match to take down Mr Facquet 11-9.

We now have Alex playing Ralf Souquet in the 1 pm semi final match on Saturday afternoon.

Ralf, who I still think is the man to take down this tournament, will have three Philipinos to contend with. (Well actually two!)

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the thrilling finale.

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