Predator International 10-Ball Friday Update

The 9th Annual Predator International 10 Ball Championships hosted by the Riviera Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas is down to the final 32. The format of this event was double elimination race to 10 until a player reaches the final 32 spots. Tournament play catches a new gear today as the Dragon Promotions team re-drew the final 32 spots including 16 seeded pro's.

The highest number seed, plays the lowest number seed. This morning Charlie Williams was the big underdog coming in at the lowest seed (32), which meant he was lined up with the #1 Ranked seed... Roberto Gomez. The Filipino Pool Superstar  has been the tournament's hottest player, as was rolling over players in dominant fashion. Gomez jumped out to a 3-1 lead due to terrific safety play and gritty play. A few defensively played games later, Charlie had closed the lead to 4-3 down, where the turning point of the set unravelled. After making the nine ball, Roberto left himself a tough shot on the game winning 10 Ball, and elected to play safe and leave Charlie a gut checking bank.  Charlie comes with a long rail bank to tie the game and regain the momentum of the set.

With the combination of a few good rolls and building confidence, Charlie came back from behind to make a statement with a 10-5 win.  Charlie is having a great record against the elite Filipino Contingent. Charlie has so far defeated Ramil Gallego, Santos Sambajon and Roberto Gomez and may be on a crash course with one of the other top guns from the Philippines.

The remaining 32 players reads like a who's who of Top Pro's, and there are two marquee women players still in the mix. The contrasting styles and experience of emerging phenom 21 year old Yu Ram Cha and The winningest women's player in history... "The Duchess of Doom" Allison Fisher.

There is a major buzz about both of these players, and the interest to see if a Woman could shock the world and Win this event. In the previous 8 years, a woman has never made it into the final 32 players, and after Jasmin Ouschan lost to Karl Boyes today... only two remain. Jasmin had a great tournament, and her fans can all be assured that she will come back gunning for Title next year.  

Sponsors for this event include Ozone Billiards, which is also joined by,  Simonis Cloth, Diamond Tables, Aramith Balls, Laser Rack, Uni-Loc, and the event host BCA Pool Leagues in this Dragon Promotions production.

Below is the final 32 player Matchups starting this morning.

Roberto Gomez (PHI)


Charlie Williams (USA)  - Charlie defeated Roberto Gomez 11-5.

John Schmidt (USA)


David Alcaide (ESP)

Steven Folan (ENG)


Rodolfo Luat (PHI) - Rodolfo Luat played superb in the final stretch to out top English player Stevan Folan who was within striking distance.

Tony Drago (MLT)

Dennis Orcollo (PHI)

Corey Deuel (USA)


Daryl Peach (ENG)

Either player did not play well in this match. Daryl had an opportunity to tie up the set at 10-10

Imran Majid (ENG)


Thorsten Hohmann (GER)

Nick Van Den Berg (NED)


 Rodney Morris (USA)

Warren Kiamco (PHI) - Kiamco was down 9-8 and won 11-8.


H. Takenaka (JPN)

Mika Immonen (FIN)


Oliver Ortmann (GER) - Oliver Ortmann outplayed Mika in this match and showed off pretty well on the TV Table. (Streamed live on

Shawn Putnam (USA)


Allison Fisher (ENG)

Manuel Gama (POR)


Johnny Archer (USA)

Karl Boyes (ENG) - Karl out played Austrian womens superstar Jasmin Ouschan, who was frustrated to not be able to get her swagger going 100%. It seemed that Jasmin was a little off of her rhythm, and Karl did contribute towards that result through excellent defensive play.


Jasmin Ouschan (AUS)

Tony Robles (USA)


Yu Ram Cha (KOR)

Darren Appleton (ENG)


Oscar Dominguez (USA)

Alex Pagulayan (PHI)


Vincent Faquet (FRA)

The Seeded Player List is as Follows: (In Order of Ranked Seed)

   1. Roberto Gomez
   2. Alex Pagulayan
   3. Mika Immonen
   4. Warren Kiamco
   5. Manuel Gama
   6. Corey Deuel
   7. Karl Boyes
   8. Steven Folan
   9. Shaun Putnam
  10. Imran Majid
  11. Tony Robles
  12. Tony Drago
  13. Stevie Moore
  14. Nick Van Den Berg
  15. Darren Appleton
  16. John Schmidt

Here is a breakdown of last nights Matches.


Rodolfo Luat (PHI) beat Niels Feijen (NED)

Rafael Martinez (MEX) beat Jose Parica (PHI)

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) beat K Uchigaki (JPN)

Johnny Archer (USA) beat N Otterman (GER)

R Gallego (PHI) beat Kelly Fisher (ENG)

Mat Tetreault (USA) beat Vivian Villarreal (USA)


 Oliver Ortman (GER) beat Kim Davenport (USA)

Yu Ram Cha (KOR) beat Shane Van Boening  10-8

Vincent Facquet (FRA) beat J Roberts (USA) 10-4

Ralf Souqet (GER) beat Goh Takami (JPN)     10-6

Hiroshi Takenaka (JPN) beat Charlie Bryant (USA) 10-9

Allison Fisher (UK) beat Dan Heidrich (USA)  10-6

David Alcaide (SPN) beat Tyler Edey (CAN)   10-4

Daryl Peach (ENG) beat Mike Davis (USA)    10-5


Dennis Orcollo (PHI) Beat Jeremy Sossei (USA) 10-2   

Oscar Dominguez (USA) beat Sylver Ochoa (USA) 10-3

Rodney Morris (USA) beat Matt Tetreault (USA  10-5  

Rodolfo Luat (PHI) beat Lee Van Corteza (PHI) 10-9

Thorstan Hohmann (GER) beat Rafael Martinez (MEX) 10-7

Johnny Archer (USA beat Jeremy Jones (USA)  10-2

Charlie Williams (USA) beat R Gallego (PHI)  10-9

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) beat Carlos Cabello (SPN)  10-6

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