Reyes defends Derby One Pocket Title

Efren Reyes

With a 3-1 win over Corey Deuel, Efren Reyes has successfully defended his title as Derby City Classic One Pocket Champion.

Reyes undefeated streak looked in danger multiple times in the late rounds of the tournament, but he always pulled through. David Matlock led Reyes 2-0 on Wednesday night, but couldn't put the match away and lost 3-2. On Thurdsay night, Reyes looked to be in trouble trailing Tony Chohan 2-1 but Chohan came up short on shape and ended up losing the match 3-2. By Friday night, it was just Reyes and Deuel left in the event and Reyes ended it with the 3-1 victory. Reyes collected $10,000 for first, while Deuel settled for $5000 for second place.

The 9-ball division was down to 24 players as of 10:00 PM EST with one more round to be played before the night was out. Matches underway at 10:00 EST included Francisco Bustamante vs Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer vs Efren Reyes, Danny Basavich vs Shawn Putnam, Corey Deuel vs Jose Parica, Earl Strickland vs Dennis Hatch and Santos Sambajon vs Troy Frank.

Earlier results from Friday included Archer losing to Larry Nevel, Basavich losing to Archer hill-hill, Dennis Hatch over Shannon Daulton and George Breedlove over Rodney Morris.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe