Rob Francoeur wins Dominiak Cue Tour Opener

Bill Glenn, Rob Francoeur and Liz Taylor

The new Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour kicked off on Saturday January 10th at the beautiful Billiards Cafe in Ayer, Ma. with a strong field of 27 players from throughout the northeast despite the snow storm warning. Players made the trek from Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts in an attempt to capture the first $500 added cash & prizes Dominiak Cues Amateur 10-Ball Tour stop title, the cash and as bonus a new Dominiak cue for the winner!

Notable players in attendance were NH State Amateur 8-Ball Champ Fred "Cornerman" Agnir, Women's New England Tour stars Liz Taylor, Dena Brayson and Katie Fiorilla, New England 9-Ball Tour regular Rick Gatta,  Western Ma. APA top gun and our official tour photographer Rob Francoeur, Nationals top 5 finisher Steve Hathaway, as well as Bill Glenn, Tom Glenn and Kerry McAuliffe all home area guns. Kudos to 89 year old Francis Renda for playing and inspiring us all.

The double elimination format would see Rob Francoeur make his way through the 1 loss side after suffering a 4th round winners side loss to Liz Taylor. Along the 1 loss side trek, Francoeur survived some close matches against Fred Agnir and Kerry McAuliffe,  waiting for Rob in the final match of the 1 loss side to make the finals was Liz Taylor once again.  This match with Liz playing confidently after sending Rob to the 1 loss side earlier, and Rob wanting revenge for that earlier loss would prove to be a nip and tuck with neither player wanting give up anything, at hill/hill Liz was left with a tough table length cut on the 9 ball that was on the rail about a diamond away, but unfortunately it hung in the jaws and left Rob the 9 and 10 balls to get out. Congrats to Liz Taylor on a fine effort and 3rd place finish.

This set up the one race to 5 finals between Bill Glenn and Rob Francoeur. Bill made his way undefeated to the hot seat on the winners side by defeating some good players and hanging in there in some close matches, along the way to the finals defeating Ricky Sleper, Rick Gatta, Steve Hathaway, Kerry McAuliffe and finally sending Liz Taylor over to the 1 loss side in the hot seat match.

Around 7pm were were ready for the 1 race to 5 finals between Bill Glenn and Rob Francoeur for the cheese and the winner would receive a new Dominiak Cue on top of the 1st place cash prize.  Rob came out of the gate fairly strong to take a 3-0 lead.  But only to see Bill climb back into the match to make the score 3-2. In the next rack Bill got a ball in hand and looked like the match might get tied up, but only to watch the cue ball trickle into the side pocket and give ball in hand back to Rob where he cleared the table to get to the hill 4-2. Rob broke dry the next game and now Bill has a chance to try and climb back into the match, but another unfortunate scratch gave Rob ball in hand again which proved to be the final nail. Rob Francoeur wins the first Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour stop 5-2.

The tour was happy to have 3 Women entries and 2 Juniors under 18 to round out the field. Women and Juniors receive free entry fees at all tour stops, a great incentive for women and inspiring junior pool enthusiasts to get out and enjoy competition, both must pay table time and membership but the $25 entry into the tournaments are free. As an added incentive for the women there is a $30 bonus for the highest finishing women at each tour stop!

Our next tour stop will be held in Latham, NY at Diamond Eight Billiards on Saturday February 7th.  All amateurs are encouraged to come out and play on the tour. All league players are eligible and non-pro players, eligibilty is is explained on our tour website. All tour info and tour stop dates can be found on the tour official website