Rodney Morris in Command of US Open 10-Ball

Rodney Morris

You hear it over and over again this week. "I have never seen anyone shoot pool like Morris this week." And it is true. Rodney Morris is littering the floor with the bodies of champions who take him on and fail miserably. This week Morris is a machine that never falters.

The trail of crumbs he has left in his wake include Lee Van Corteza (9-2), Jia Qing Wu (9-4), Dennis Grabe (9-3), John Morra (9-3), Thorsten Hohmann (9-8), and Marc Vidal (9-3). He has overpowered all but Hohmann with amazing ease. No shot seems too tough for him to not only take on, but master.  He is now alone in the hot seat at the end of the winner's bracket and now awaits the outcome of the match between Dennis Orcollo and Lee Van Corteza to determine his final foe.

You may watch all of the action for these great semifinal and final matches at 11 Am and 2 PM PST at