Rylan Hartnett – Winter Shootout Champion

Bob Beaulieu, Rylan Hartnet, Ray Campanya, Dave “Shakey” Vincent, Chris Swart


Wow!  Who would have thought; only 10 days until Christmas, raining cats & dogs, only 6 days until the end-of-the-world and 120 pool players showed up to play in the WorldPPA’s Winter Shootout at the California Billiard Club in Mountain View, California?  WorldPPA Founder/Promoter, Bob Beaulieu along with California Billiard Club Owner, Chris Swart are happy to report their Winter Shootout was a HUGE success.  Previous WorldPPA Shootout tournaments have all averaged 100+ pool players, but this particular one, was extra special.  

The low $25 entry fee, races to 8, double-elimination, alternating break, handicapped format works well.  There was loads of excitement from players of all skill levels, battling it out for the 1st place position.  Live Internet streaming was provided by the honorable Bill Meyers aka “Kentucky”.  Ken Mendoza, provided excellent on-site cue repairs. The California Billiard Club’s staff provided an excellent assortment of foods and beverages at very reasonable prices.  Overall, I would say the service provided was excellent.  The pool room was packed with players, friends, relatives and spectators, which made up an interesting array of railbirds.

By the end of the first day,  120 entrants were whittled down to just 24 players; 16 on the winner’s side and 8 on the one-loss side.  One pool player, Mr. Ray Companya (a professional), was focused intensely working his way towards the number one spot; at least until he matched up with local player, Rylan Hartnett, from the Broken Rack in Emeryville. Rylan won his match against Ray, assuring  himself a spot in the hotseat and sending Ray to the one-loss side.  Ray determined to win the tournament, played a very tough next match with Riwan Khalil; so tough, he used the 3-foul rule to win his last game with her.  Great playing Riwan! Now back to Rylan Harnett in the Finals, Ray Campanya, so focused on determined to take the 1st Place spot and the $1,000 that came with it.   He just needed to beat Rylan Hartnett twice. Then it happened, in the first match; Rylan needed just 2 games to win.  It was Ray’s break and somehow, he hung the nine ball in a pocket and didn’t make a ball on the break; Rylan made the nine ball for an easy win. Just one more game for both players to win the first match; but, one more game for Rylan to win the tournament! It’s Rylan’s break.  Rylan makes the nine ball on the snap, giving him the 1st Place spot!!!   Congratulations Rylan Hartnett! And, to Ray Companya, for playing in our handicapped tournament and helping us promote pool.   What a great tournament!

Payouts:  1st: $1000:Rylan Hartnett;    2nd:$500:Ray Campanya;    3rd:$350:Riwan Khalil;    4th:$250:Jimmy Qu
5-6th:$170:Wei Ni, Alex Bradley;    7-8th:$120:Jason Lagore, Reid Stensrud;
9-12th:$90:Ganon Buss, Shan Damani, Justin Bennett,Don Swearingen
13-16th:$70:Dereck Mendoza,Marty Carey, David Richardson,Shar Zavehparvar
17-24th:$50:Freddy Stanfield,Mark Tiu, Robert Yulo, Randy Cady, Etan Mizrahi,Greg Bercerril, Mike Chen, Victor Valseca
Total Payouts: $3,720

Pictures of the Winter Shootout can be see at: http://www.worldppa.com/pics.html

What’s Next?    Are you Ready for RENO?  You’ll need at least 9 tournaments between July 1, 2012 and February 15, 2013 to qualify.  There will be $3,000 Added Guaranteed and the field will be limited to just 128 players.  For more information go to: http://www.worldppa.com/reno2013