Seesemann wins 10K Tour Stop 12

Willy Hermoza and Glen Seesemann

The final stop of the Canadian 10 K Tour was held at Color of Money Billiards this week end and drew 50 players, some looking to get the points needed to play at the finals at Bobby D's June 4-5 of 2005 at the regular entry fee plus tour fee finals, while some others where just there for the competition and pay day.

None the less it was a good day for pool and we have a new champion, none other than Glen Seesemann from the sister city of St. Catharines, Ontario. Second was Danny Kolacz from Buffalo, New York.

In the 'hot seat' was Glen Seesemann defeating Jason Holdaway 7-4.

Top 8 players returned Sunday to collect the cash. On the one loss side was Adam Smith over Chris Orme 8-4 and Danny Kolacz over John Morra 8-3.

Now Al Smart takes Adam Smith on a hill-hill match at 8-8 while Danny Kolacz defeats Jr. Jeff Robson 8-1.

Danny Kolacz aims at Al Smart and goes true 8-4 and gets to play the loser from the hot seat Jason Holdaway and stroll by 8-5.

Danny earns a trip back to lady A side where he takes down Glen Seesemann with a sound 8-3 score.

Glen is not ready to hand over the win yet, and after a short break returns to the table where he puts the stroke back in and cruises to the finals and first time 10 K Tour Champion with a 7-4 win.

Congratulations Glen Seesemann and will see you all at the finals at Bobby D's in Burlington June 4, 2005

To everyone that played in the tour, please send your full name and phone number to 10 K Tour Director Willy Hermoza by email at and or

Final Results:
1st Glen Seesemann $1600 ** Calcutta
2nd Danny Kolacz $950 ** Calcutta
3rd Jason Holdaway $600 ** Calcutta
4th Al Smart $375 ** Calcutta
5th/6th Adam Smith, Jeff Robson $225 ** Calcutta
7th/8th Chris Orme, John Morra $75

The top six names go to The NUTS and the two wild cards are: Tom Cacic and Randy Fawcett

The second chance tournament was won by:

1st Nick Socha $150
2nd Jason Netherton $90
3rd/4th Corrine Johnson, Cory Kuehl $40