Terri Mason Wins Canadian 30K Tour Stop

Chris Orme and Terri Mason

Congratulations to Terri Mason and John Morra on a great finish on behalf of The Canadian 30K Tour and the players.

Everyone was exceptionally excited this weekend because of the great play of John Morra at the Turning Stone Classic VII.( every one was looking over Willy's shoulders at the laptop in order to see John Mora's progress all day long)

John went undefeated on the A side and lost to Jonny Archer by a score of 13-4.

Willy Hermoza has had the privilege to see this youngster grow for almost 7 years, ever since the time when John played at Petrinas Billiards under a handicap format that allowed John to participate, win and enjoy the game of pool.

I for one believe this youngster has what it takes to became a National Champion in a not too far distant future, the performance this week end speaks for it self. Keep your “Heart and Mind” John, the rest comes easy for a fine Young Warrior likes yourself. Congratulations once again dear friend, may God keep your guidance and path true to you. You are indeed an inspiration at your tender age for many youngsters and future pool players of all ages.

The 22nd stop of the Canadian 30K Tour at Shooters in Scarborough brought together 42 players to enjoy a weekend of 9-Ball and “pork fried rice…mmmmmm…..lol”.

Chris Orme, Mike Patrowicz, Andrew Attard, Jeff Robson, Gerry Brown, Terri Mason, Robert Capistrand, Randy Pruden and Jason Klatt where just a few of the combatants.

Sunday brought back 6 players to cash in:

On the A side the battle for the “Hot Seat” took place between Terri Mason 5+ vs. Tony Lai 7 (match is 6-8) and Terri defeated Lai by a score of 6-2

Top bracket of the one loss side has Chris Orme 9 vs. Mike Patrowicz by default and Mike takes 5/6th

On the bottom bracket Jason Klatt 9+ bested Michael Orprecio 7 (match is 10-7) by the score of 10-1. Michael takes 5/6th

Next is Chris Orme 9 vs. Jason Klatt 9+ (match is 9-10) and Chris prevailed 9-7. Jason settles for 4th

Chris Orme 9 now plays Tony Lai 7 and the score is 9-2 for Chris Orme. Tony Lai played very well.

Chris reloads with a small break and goes to face a determined lady player who has the desire to prevail and prevail she does with the style of a fine lady shooter going hill-hill to capture the crown for the first time in her best finish so far at the 30K Tour. Congratulations Terri, you earned this one stop quite well.

Terri Mason went undefeated taking first place in the 22nd stop of the 30 K Tour defeating Chris Orme by a score of 6-8.

Next week we are off to Pool Paradise, Waterloo (519) 884-4969 where Kenny Chan is always waiting with open arms……