Seminole Tribe Day One Update

Tracie Hines remained undefeated after day one

The Seminole Pro Tour continues to showcase the best talent from around the country as its third stop of the season brings the competitors to Capones Billiards in Spring Hill Florida. Rocky McElroy and his staff have done a wonderful job in housing the 49 players who've entered the field. A strong field has accumulated here in Spring Hill. Top players Roberto Gomez, Stevie Moore, Mike Davis, Ronnie Wiseman and Buddy Hall have all come to take their shot at the $6,000 added prize pool.

Once again the Seminole Pro Tour has fostered some very unusual and shocking outcomes in the tournament arena. Most startling is the two match elimination of the 2007 World 9 Ball championship runner-up Roberto Gomez. With two consecutive losses to Richie Richeson 7-6, and Dave Grossman 7-5, Gomez finds himself relieved of duty for the rest of the weekend. Gomez was unable to make any balls on the break and attributes that to the fact that he only ever breaks from the rail. Mike Davis was also very surprised at this outcome. In his eyes Roberto was the clear cut favorite to win the whole tournament.

Mike continues to play well and finds himself on the winner's side after a great win over Stevie Moore 7-3. Also noteworthy is the absence of Corey Deuel. He is currently en-route to the Philippines and therefore did not participate in this stop. We will see who indeed will rise to the top.

This weekend is a Saturday- Monday tournament and day two will take place on Sunday with some great matches yet to come. Winner's side Matches include Hunter Lombardo vs Ronnie Wiseman, John Ditoro vs. J. Dempsey, Tracy Hines vs Mike Davis, and Richie Richeson vs Tony Crosby. Stay tuned for further updates.