Seminole Pro Tour Update

Mike Davis

The field has been narrowed down to 12 Players as matches finish up for Saturday Night on the Seminole Pro Tour.  The Final Four on the Winners side are Mike Davis (Raymond Linares, Kim Davenport, and Tony Crosby) vs. Stevie Moore (defeated George McLanahan, Javier Chirino, and Yu Ram Cha) and Justin Hall (defeated Ronnie Wiseman, Donny Mills, and Brian Brekke) vs. Louis Altes ( defeated Corey Deuel, Jerome Rockwell, Richie Richeson, and Jerry Calderon)

The Final Eight on the 1-Loss side are Tony Crosby vs. Donny Mills, Yu Ram Cha vs. Raymond Linares , Jerry Calderon vs. Adam Wheeler , and Brian Brekke vs. Han Berber.

We had an exciting day today as players such as Corey Deuel, Ronnie Wiseman and Kim Davenport were sent packing before making the cash.  Yu Ram Cha has more than proven her worth to the men on the Seminole Pro Tour.  She had a back and forth battle with Stevie Moore and was deadlocked at 5.  Stevie took the next 3 games to send Yu Ram to the 1-Loss Side. Louis Altes has made a name for himself as well.  After starting the tournament with a win over Corey Deuel, spectators began to pay attention.  We will see tomorrow morning how he holds up as the pressure begins to mount.  Speaking of unknowns, upstart Raymond Linares has made it to Sunday after a big defeat over Dave Grossman.  After coming close many times, this could be the break out weekend Raymond has been looking for.

Thanks to Dan Lavoie and Hammer Heads Billiard Lounge in Holiday, FL for being such a great host room.  Matches start tomorrow morning at 11am.