Seminole Tribe Final Four on Monday

Tony Crosby

There are four players and four matches left in the $6,000-added Seminole Pro Tour, which drew 49 entrants to Capone's Billiards in Spring Hill, FL. Matches will get underway at 2 p.m. on Memorial Day and no matter how you slice it, it'll certainly be a memorable day. Set to square off in the hot seat match are Ronnie Wiseman and Tony Crosby, while over on the one-loss side, wily veteran John Ditoro will be looking for his first win of the year in a quarterfinal match versus Hunter Lombardo, who's already notched his first 2009 victory with a win at the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour stop in Vero Beach, FL in February.

Following an opening round bye, Crosby got into the hot seat match with victories over James Roberts 7-4, Stoney Stone 7-5, Richie Richeon 8-1 and a surprise win versus Mike Davis, who'd made it to the winner's side final four with victories over Kim Davemport 7-5 and Steve Moore 7-3. Wiseman followed an opening round 7-3 win over Bill Dunsmore with two straight double hill wins over Dave Grossman and Neil Fujiwara. He then sent Hunter Lombardo west 8-6 and from among the winners' side final four, sent DiToro over to join him in the eventual quarterfinal matchup.

Lombardo and Davis squared off in the match that determined the tie for fifth place, with Lombardo prevailing 8-6. DiToro, in the meantime, bested Josh Lewis 8-4, ending a strong, six-match run on the one-loss side by Lewis.