Shane Van Boening Wins Seminole Stop at Snookers

Shane Van Boening has emerged from the wars of the one-loss side to claim the win at the Seminole Pro Tour Stop in Rhode Island. Shane defeated Darren Appleton 11-6 in the finals after taking down Rodney Morris 9-7 to earn his berth there.

Van Boening had to take the long road most of the way home. He had been tossed left in the second round by Alex Pagulayan 9-5 and then had to get through Adam Smith (9-6), Robert Lewis (9-3), Bucky Souvanthong (9-4), Larry Nevel (9-1), Shawn Putnam (9-7), John Morra (9-3), Brandon Shuff (9-3), and Johnny Archer (9-5).

Van Boening took home $10,000 for his efforts.


1) Shane Van Boening      $10,000
2) Darren Appleton           $ 6,000
3) Rodney Morris              $ 5,000
4) Johnny Archer              $ 3,800
5-6) Alex Pagulayan, Brandon Shuff  $2,400
7-8) John Morra, Oscar Dominguez  $1,800
9-12) Shawn Putnam, Thorsten Hohmann, Mike Dechaine, Hunter Lombardo  $1,350
13-16) Larry Nevel, Joey Dupuis, Tom McGonagle, Mike Davis   $1,000
17-24) Bucky Souvanthong, Santos Sambajon, Jr, Earl Strickland, Mike Hellmer, Corey Deuel, Joe Tucker, Stevie Moore, Tom D'Alfonso
25-32) Robert Lewis, Mike Wong, Jose Parica, Ernesto Dominguez, Demetrius Jelatis, Dennis Hatch, Bob Busa, Ray McNamara
33-48) Steve Goulding, Adam Smith, Dominic Jentsch, James Prather, Angel Paglia, Oscar Bonilla, Jeremy Sossei, Marty Herman, Eric Belisle, Matt Krah, Redgie Cutler, Jamie Forcier, Billy Thorpe, Randy LaBonte, Rob Hart, Frankie Hernandez
49-64) David Fernandez, Chris Orme, Billy Lanna, Rob Weimer, Vic Foley, Bill Dunsmore, Tim Parisian, Nelson Oliviera, George Rothrock, Ramon Mistica, Jesse Engel, Phil Davis, Brian Molton, Peter Bowman, Shane Winters, Ivaylo Petrov