Appleton to Face Morris at Snookers Today

Darren Appleton and Rodney Morris will battle today for the hot seat of the Seminole Pro Tour event in Rhode Island. Appleton defeated Brandon Shuff, Oscar Dominguez, John Morra, Rob Hart and Adam Smith to get here so he is plenty warm. But Rodney Morris plowed ground even tougher to get here. His list of wins looks like a roster of champions. He took down Alex Pagulayan, Shawn Putnam, Johnny Archer, Jose Parica and Joe Tucker!

On the one-loss side Shane Van Boening and John Morra will play and the winner will face Brandon Shuff. Also on tap a great match between Johnny Archer and Oscar Dominguez to see who has to face Alex Pagulayan.

Should be an interesting day at Snookers! We will bring you the final results at the end of the tournament today.