Sheerman & Hall Take first KF wins

Jose Del Rio, Justin Hall and Mike Davis

Strokers Billiards was the latest venue to host the KF Cue tour 2/13/10. Saturday would see 59 players show up for the $1000 Added Amateur Event, with a record 9 ladies taking advantage of there reduced entry fee's.

Jason Sheerman would prove to be a handful on the day as he cruised his way to the hotseat with wins over Boomer 7-3, Jim Sandaler 7-4, Bill Stoll 7-3, Dan Whitten 7-1 to put himself in the winners side final, He would meet Custom cue maker Eddie Wheat who had made his way to the finals with wins over Dave Ross 7-3, Hank Samuel 7-4, Mike Delawder 7-2, Chip Dickerson 7-5 and then a tight 7-6 win over Mark Wathen 7-6 to reach the hotseat match to play Sheerman. The hotseat match was a lopsided with Wheat coming out a 7-2 winner over Sheerman.

While all this was going on Mike Xiarhos Snr after taking a 1st round loss to Mark Wathen 7-4 would go on a rampage with wins over Louie Smith, Kevin Tennery, James Adams, Mike Delawder, Dan Dennis, Bill Stoll, Louis Altes a revenge win over Mark Wathen which was followed by one more win over Dan Whitten before losing a very close 5-4 match to Jason Sheerman to get to the final.

Sheerman was looking for revenge from his earlier 7-2 loss to Wheat, Revenge it was as he would reverse the role and take down wheat 8-2 and take his first KF Cue tour win.  With 9 ladies in attendance we paid the top 3 after a play off which Stephanie Mitchell won.


1st Jason Sheerman $600

2nd Eddie Wheat $400

3rd Mike Xiarhos Snr $380

4th Dan Whitten $250

5th-6th Glen Olson, Mark Wathen $150

7th-8th Louis Altes, Jim Sandaler $100

9th-12th Chip Dickerson, Tom Giorgi, Bill Stoll, Justin McNulty $70

Ladies, 1st Stephanie Mitchell $40, 2nd Kelly Cavanaugh $20, 3rd Valerie Dukich $10

A strong 34 player field showed up for Sundays $1000 Added event some of the notable names in attendance were Mike Davis, Donnie Mills, Justin Hall, Han Berber, Jason Richko, Louis Altes to mention a few.

Mike Davis would prove to be the man to beat on the day after he would make it all the way to the hotseat with wins over Louis Altes 7-4, Michell Monk 7-0, Justin Hall 7-0, Donnie Mills 7-2 and then a 7-2 win Over Hunter Lombardo to capture the Hotseat, Lombardo   had made his way to the winners side final with wins over Jessie Bradley 7-4, Jim Sandaler 7-4, Dave Ross 7-1, Mike Delawder 7-5 before taking his loss to Davis.

Justin Hall who had taken a bad 7-0 beating from Mike Davis earlier was in no mood on the one loss side as he would make his way back to the final with wins over Jason Richko 6-5, Jason Sheerman 6-5, Mike Delawder 6-5, Donnie Mills 6-2 and then a 6-4 win over Lombardo to set up a revenge match with Mike Davis and a chance to win his 1st KF title. The final would be a single race to 9, Hall would come out firing to take a 7-3 lead and put one hand on the trophy. Davis would now mount a come back taking the next four games to tie the match at 7-7 and just when it looked like he would take the lead to go 8-7 up trying to play a tRicky Positional shot the cue ball would scratch and throw the momentum back in Halls favor as he would take this and the next rack to win his first KF cue tour title by the score of 9-7.

We would like to thank Strokers  room owner Jose Del Rio and his staff for putting on a great event also all our great sponsors that can be seen at our next event will be at Fast Break billiards in Longwood, Florida 2/27/2010 visit for more info and the full Schedule and tour


1st Justin Hall $600

2nd Mike Davis $400

3rd Hunter Lombardo $300

4th Donnie Mills $200

5th-6th Tony Crosby, Mike Delawder $100

7th-8th Jason Sheerman, Julio Aquino $80

Top Lady, Michell Monk $20