Shuff and Reyes to FatBoy Finals

Efren Reyes

In the FatBoy 10-Ball Challenge, Brandon Shuff defeated Shannon Murphy 15-9 while Efren Reyes eliminated Johnny Archer 15-11 in the Accu-stats arena. In that match, both players traded racks until 8-8 when Archer missed a low-percentage 8 ball. Reyes would take that rack, then break and run the following two. Archer fought back but missed yet another ball costing him the match. Shuff and Reyes will meet up for the finals at 1 o'clock tomorrow.

In the one-pocket event, only 12 players remain. Bank pool champion, John Brumback made a shocking exit, losing back to back matches in rounds six and seven against Nick Vita and Adam Smith. In round eight, reigning one-pocket champion John Schmidt was down 2-0 against Alex Pagulayan and couldn't do anything right. In the final rack, Schmidt's frustration caused him to sweep all 15 balls and concede the match.

Rafael Martinez defeated Reyes 3-1. Martinez, who has been taking his game very seriously this past year, was thrilled to advance. His fourth place finish in the banks and now, finishing ahead of Brumback and Reyes gives him an opportunity to move to the lead in all-around points. Martinez automatically advanced into the following round after his opponent Sam Monday did not show up for his match.

In the final evening of the straight pool challenge, players were scrambling to attempt to get qualified. Only the top eight players continue to a single-elimination bracket.

Current standings:

156 John Schmidt
146 Johnny Archer
111 Ralf Eckert
99 Corey Deuel
91 Beau Runningen
83 Alex Pagulayan
74 Stevie Moore
70 Marc Vidal

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