Sigel Fights Back On Living Legends Challenge Day Two

Photo courtesy of Karl Kantrowitz
After dropping every session on day one of the Living Legends Challenge, Mike Sigel spent day two showing the fans at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ that he wasn’t just going to roll over for his opponent Earl Strickland
Even with that, the day didn’t start out very well for Sigel. After having lost matches in 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball and Straight Pool on day one, Single dropped the opening session of Bank Pool to Strickland 4-2. Although Strickland won the session, Sigel appeared to be showing signs of finding his game. 
Those signs were on full display in the second session of the day when Sigel just plain outplayed Strickland, defeated him in One Pocket 3-1 to close out the afternoon session. 
With Sigel trailing 5-1, he was able to choose the discipline they would play in the first evening session and Sigel went back to the game he had won earlier in the day, One Pocket. This match was more competitive than their earlier affair, but Sigel still edged out Strickland 3-2. 
Even with the win, Sigel still trailed 5-2 and was able to choose the final discipline of the night. Even though he had lost to Strickland 125-7 in Straight Pool on day one, Sigel went with Straight Pool and it was the right decision. This match was much more competitive with Strickland running 97 balls and Sigel running around 60. The match could have gone either way, but in the end it was Sigel edging out Strickland 125-123 for his third winning session of the competition.
Day three will get underway at 1pm EST and Sigel (by virtue of still trailing) has chosen 8-Ball to be the first discipline of the day. 
Fans can watch (and listen to) all of the action between these two living legends on Accu-Stat’s PPV stream at