Sigel on a roll at Empire State Championship

Mike Sigel

The Empire State Championship is underway at Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, NY with a full field of 64 players.

This event is jam packed with top talent including Dennis Hatch, Stevie Moore, Tony Robles, Corey Deuel, Mike Davis, Mike Dechaine, Shaun Wilkie, Jeremy Sossei and Hunter Lombardo. Another marquee player in this event is none other than Captain Hook himself, Mike Sigel.

Sigel is showing the youngsters that he isn't ready to hang up the cue just yet as he is yet to lose a game after his first two matches. Something must have him playing at his old speed again. Must be good living.

Other players advancing undefeated in the charts include Hatch, Dechaine, Wilkie, Josh Brothers, Mhet Vergarra and Earl Herring.

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