Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Kids

Neil Mills with Brittany Bryant and Naomi Williams

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour recently held their second stop of the tour at Millsy's Billiards, in Kitchener, Ontario, which recently opened in September of 2008.  Owners, Neil Mills & Shelly McConnell, graciously invited us by adding $500.00 to the event.  It was such a delight to play on sixteen newly installed Gold Crown 4 billiard tables, with the extra added hospitality of Neil cleaning the rails, before and after each match.  Thank you, Neil!  Millsy's is the only billiard hall in the Kitchener area that has leagues for all skill levels of play, so stop on by when you get a chance and check out this beautiful room.

With that being said, I would personally like to congratulate Brittany Bryant who is tearing up the green at the ladies events.  Brittany ousted WPBA professional Rachael Abbink at the first tour stop, followed by a win and her first Canadian 8 Ball title by beating the current back to back 07 & 08 champion, Denise Belanger, at the CCS Canadian 8 Ball Championships on Easter weekend.  

On April 19, 2009 this was Miss Bryant's day once again.  Only seventeen years of age and two major titles tucked ever so gently in her magical hat, this event would mark the day for, ”Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids,”  

On Sunday, we saw the return of the remaining six players; Brittany Bryant, Naomi Williams, Janet Ritcey, Denise Belanger, Leanne Amable and newcomer to the tour BRandy Johnson, left to battle it out before the finals.  Bryant ousted Williams on the A-side finals; while Belanger and Amable were battling it out over on the next table.  Leanne had Denise fighting her heart out as she had Denise down 4-2, with that; Belanger had to race to eight games and Amable six games.  What a match it was.  Belanger ended up coming back to win by a score of 8-4.  While this match was still going on, Janet Ritcey decided she wasn't having any of the newcomer Brandy Johnson's new talent invading her territory, thus tossing her a doughnut with a score of 7-0.  Ritcey would then go on to beat Belanger 7-5, before being tossed her own doughnut by Williams 7-0 to gain a chance in the finals.

The final was set with it being a true double elimination, and that is exactly what took place.  The current CBSA Canadian women's 8 & 9 ball champion Naomi Williams, went toe to toe with Bryant, with both ladies struggling for run outs.  Williams would go on to beat Bryant by a score of 8-6 in the first match. “Well now,” the crowd says, “Now we have ourselves a match.”  Both ladies took a quick break and then proceeded to joust there sticks to get it on.  Bryant started off strong with a 1-9 combo in game 1 and in game 2 followed it up with a strong defensive shot which allowed her to run the rack.  By the 6th game the score was 5-1 for Bryant, but not before Williams received her second wind and bringing the score to 5-4.  Well that would be the end of that Bryant says in her mind, and went on to capture the second tour stop of the season by a score of 8-4.  Congratulations to all who played and keep up the practice ladies.  It will come with hard work and dedication!!!

On behalf of the CWPT we would deeply like to thank Tiger Products, Neil and Shelley of Millsy's billiards for your support of this tour and we look forward to big and better things in the future.  Without you, there is no way!