Slivka Wins Blaze Tour Season Finale

Atlantic City Billiards Owner Ernie with Jerry Slivka

The Blaze 9 Ball Tour Championship was held at Atlantic City Billiards Club in Egg Harbor, NJ, a stong field of players came out to play. Players like Mike Davis, Matt Krah, Allen Hopkins, Jerry Slivka, Danny Basavich, Ryan McCreesh, Park Shin, Shaun Wilkie, Lee Holt, Spanish Pete, Joey Testa to name a few. Over $18,000 paid out in cash and prizes

Leading the way on the winners side was Jerry Slivka with wins over Phil Sherman 9-2, Mike Davis 9-2, Trenton Marty Ciccia 9-5, Danny Basavich 9-5, Bristol Bob 9-6 Spanish Pete 9-6. Jerry Slivka played Joey Testa for the hot seat. When it was all said and done, it was Jerry with the 9-7 win sending Joey Testa to the one loss side and getting the hot seat.

Making a run from the one loss side was Mike Davis with wins over James Keegan 7-0, Bill Smith Jr 7-5, Dawn Hopkins 7-2, Ryan McCreesh 7-2, Danny Basavich 7-3, Bristol Bob 7-6, Carmen Lombardo 7-4, Spanish Pete 7-6, Allen Hopkins 7-6 and Joey Testa 7-5 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Jerry Slivka Vs Mike Davis This was a great match that went back and forth but in the end it was Jerry Slivka with 11-9 win and the 2006 Blaze tour Championship.