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Halpin double-dips Vicente to win Mezz ABCD 9-Ball event

Joe Mazzeo, Jason Halpin, Jose Vicente and Robert Sheldon

Jason Halpin, Jose Vicente and Robert Sheldon have become the latest in a growing list of relative (pool) newcomers to the NYC Tri-State area to either chalk up event victories, bring home what appears to be their first cash winnings, and make their premier entrance into the AZBilliards database of players. In Halpin’s case, it was all three. Vicente and Sheldon recorded the latter two accomplishments. The three competitors finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd at an ABCD 9-Ball stop on the Mezz ProAm Tour on Saturday, August 27, which was hosted by South Jersey Billiards in Somerdale, NJ.

Vicente got by Joe Mazzeo 7-3 and Al Tonelli 7-4 to draw Bill Smith, Jr. in one of the winners’ side semifinals. Robert Sheldon downed Lacie Knecht 7-5, Dan Stickle 7-4 and Carlo Favretto to pick up in Halpin in the other winners’ side semifinal. 

Vicente got into the hot seat match with a double hill win over Smith and was joined by Sheldon who sent the eventual winner, Halpin, to the loss side 7-5. Vicente took command of the hot seat match and won it ahead by five, 7-2.

On the loss side, Halpin worked his way back to a rematch against Sheldon, downing Joe Mazzeo in the quarterfinals on the way. Halpin then won three straight double-hill matches, to include his successful rematch against Sheldon in the semifinals.

Halpin took the opening set 6-5 and decided that it had gone so well that he’d do it again. And did, completing a five-match winning streak that earned him the ABCD 9-Ball event title.

Tour director Jose Burgos thanked all of the players who came out to play, South Jersey Billiards’ owner Tony Viesti, Bob Milane and the venue staff, as well as title sponsor Mezz Cues Miki, Mezz USA, Zan Tips, Turtle Rack, Billiard Life Clothing, Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey, Bludworth Ball Cleaner and Pool Table 911.

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Serrano Over Burgos at Mezz 9-Ball Event

Tony Viesti, Ryan Killion, Gary Serrano owner Bob Milane and Jose Burgos

South Jersey Billiards in Somerdale Nj hosted the Mezz ABCD 9 ball event on Saturday June 11, 2022.  A strong field came out to play, including players like: Gary Serrano, Bob Milane, Ryan Killion, Rick Rosado, John Herrmann, Barry West and Larry Ingram to name a few.

Special thanks to Bob Milane & Tony Viesti and their wonderful staff for hosting the event. 

Leading the top half of the bracket was Jose Burgos with wins over Rich Daniels 6-2, Lacie Knecht 6-2 and Andrew Ray 5-0. Leading the bottom half of bracket was Ryan Killion with wins over Bob Milane 6-5, Gary Serrano 6-2 and Larry Ingram 6-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Jose Burgos vs Ryan Killion this was a one sided match that had Jose Burgos winning easily 6-2 and sending Ryan to the one lost side.  Waiting for Ryan Killion on the one lost side was Gary Serrano this was a rematch from earlier that day.  This time it was Gary Serrano coming away with the win 6-3 and a spot in the finals.

In the finals, it was Jose Burgos vs Gary Serrano. This event was a true double elimination in the first set it was all Gary Serrano as he won easily 6-1.  In the second set it was all Gary Serrano as well as he won easily 6-3 to win the event. Congratulations to Gary Serrano as the Mezz ABCD winner.

I would like to thank all the players that came out to play and all our sponsors.      

Title Sponsor: Mezz Cues Miki
Platinum Sponsors: Mezz USA, Zan Tips, Turtle Rack
Gold Sponsor: Billiard Life Clothing,  Family Foot & Ankle Center of South Jersey, Bludworth Ball Cleaner
Silver Sponsor: Pool Table 911

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Dentz goes undefeated to take Mezz Pro Am title

With an undefeated win on the Mezz Pro Am Tour on Sunday, August 9, Trevor Dentz pushed his reported 2015 earnings at the pool table into quadruple digits for the first time since his name began appearing on payout lists 10 years ago. In fact, he made more winning the Mezz stop ($700) than he'd made, total, in any single year of those 10. The $460-added Mezz Pro Am event drew 23 entrants to the Magic 8 Cue Club in Cockeysville, MD. 
Dentz and Jarrett Waechter squared off in the hot seat in this one. Dentz had sent Dan Madden to the loss side 8-3, while Waechter was sending Rick Scarlata over 7-4. Dentz claimed the hot seat 7-3.
On the loss side, Madden and Scarlata drew Bob Milane and Eric Heiland. Milane had defeated Mick Barton 7-2 and Tony Kenote 7-5 to reach Madden. Heiland had gotten by Victor Biechocki 7-2 and Rick Miller 8-5 to draw Scarlata. Madden got right back to (winning) work, defeating Milane 8-5. He was joined in the quarterfinals by Heiland, who'd handed Scarlata his second straight loss, 7-5.
Madden took the quarterfinal match 7-2 over Heiland, but had his loss-side run stopped, 8-5, by Waechter in the semifinals. The second match between Dentz and Waechter went pretty much the way the first one had gone. Waechter chalked up one more rack (4) than he had in the hot seat match, but Dentz prevailed a second time to claim the event title.

Waechter wins sudden death final to take Mezz Pro-Am Tour stop in Maryland

Garrett Waechter won a sudden death final game against Rick Miller to claim his first title on the Mezz Pro-Am Tour. The $300-added, A-D handicapped event, held on the weekend of June 27-28, drew 22 entrants to the Magic 8-Ball Club in Cockeysville, MD.
Waechter and Miller met three times, playing two full matches and the sudden death final game. They met first in the hot seat match, after Waechter survived a double hill match versus Tony Long and Miller had sent Bob Milane to the loss side 7-3. Waechter claimed the hot seat 7-3 and waited on Miller's return. 
On the loss side, Rick Scarlato advanced to meet Milane, defeating Pete Calabrese 7-1 and Steve Fleming 7-6 to reach him. Long picked up Trevor Dentz, who'd defeated two ladies, Colleen Shoop 7-2 and Nicole Fleming 7-5. Milane and Long advanced to the quarterfinals; Milane 7-5 over Scarlato and Long 7-4 over Dentz.
Long eliminated Milane 7-2, and though he'd battle to double hill against Miller in the semifinals, Miller prevailed for a second, and possibly single-game third shot at Waechter in the hot seat. Miller took the first set of the modified double elimination final by the same score (7-3) that Waechter had chalked up in their battle for the hot seat. Waechter, though, captured the single, sudden death game to claim his first Mezz Pro-Am Tour title.

Wilkie wins battle of the ‘Shauns’ on Mezz Pro Am Tour

Shaun Dobson, Co Owner Al Tonelli and Shaun Wilkie

Shaun Dobson came from the loss side to challenge Shaun Wilkie, sitting in the hot seat during the June 9 stop on the Mezz Pro Am Tour. Wilkie, recently a runner-up in both the Virginia and Maryland 8-Ball Championships in April, prevailed in this event to capture the title.  The tournament was hosted by Fat Albert Billiards in Somerdale, NJ.

Wilkie got by Lou Patrikio,  Will Goddiss, and among the winners' side final four, Matt Krah, whom he defeated 6-4 for a chance at the hot seat.  Joining him was Adam Kielar, who'd defeated Al Tonelli, Billy Gallagher, and Bob Milane, before downing Rob Hart 6-4 to challenge Wilkie for the hot seat.
Wilkie got into the hot seat with a 6-4 win over Kielar, who moved to the semifinals for a match against the other Shaun (Dobson). In yet another 6-4 match, Dobson eliminated Kielar, and got his chance against Wilkie.
The Shauns battled to double hill in the opening set of the finals. Wilkie dropped the final ball to render a second set unnecessary and claim the event title.
Tour director Jose Burgus thanked Al Tonelli and Joe Young for hosting the event, along with sponsors Mezz Cues, Kamui Chalk, Gamblin Clothing, Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, Jab Cues &Thing Billiard Life USA, Inside Pool Magazine, and Mike Ricciardella (RE/MAX Pros).