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Coe survives strong loss side challenge by Hancock to win Q City 9-Ball stop

Dustin Coe, sitting in the hot seat during the June 4-5 event on the Q City 9-Ball Tour, might well have assumed that to win the title, he'd have to beat his hot seat opponent, Jonathan Ailstock, a second time. As it turned out, he faced a friend of Ailstock's, Mike Hancock, who'd won seven on the loss side, and won the opening set of the true double elimination final. Coe took the second set and won the event that had drawn 56 entrants to Borderline Billiards in Bristol, TN.
Coe and Ailstock squared off in the hot seat match, once Coe had sent Darren Musser to the loss side 5-5 (Musser racing to 7), and Ailstock had shut out Cole Parsons. Coe chalked up a second 5-5 win (Ailstock, as well, racing to 7), and sat in the hot seat, waiting on Hancock.
Sent to the loss side by Jordan Grubb, Hancock defeated four opponents, including Jody Musselman and Daniel Adams, both 6-3, to draw Musser. Parsons, in the meantime, picked up Scott Roberts, who'd gotten by Dwain Barberie 7-3 and survived a double hill fight versus Dakota Harris to reach him.
Hancock survived a double hill match against Musser, and in the quarterfinals, faced Parsons, who'd defeated Roberts 5-4 (Roberts racing to 7). Over the next three matches, Hancock gave up a total of four racks; two in winning the quarterfinal match against Parsons, none in the semifinal matchup against his friend, Jonathan Ailstock, and two, in the opening set of the true double elimination final versus Coe.
Coe reversed his fortunes in the second set. He allowEd Hancock only a single rack and claimed the event title with a 5-1 win.
Although Borderline Billiards' owner, Janet Atwell, was in Virginia, competing in the National Pool Tour's 10-Ball Women's Invitational Tour, director Herman Parker thanked her and her staff, as well as sponsors Viking Cues and Delta-13 Racks. The next stop on the Q City 9-Ball Tour, scheduled for June 11-12, will be hosted by Brass Tap Billiards in Raleigh, NC.

Kidwell comes from the loss side to take City 9-Ball stop

Brandon Kidwell came back from a defeat in a winners' side semifinal to meet and defeat hot seat occupant Ron Frank during the February 27-28 stop on the Q City 9-Ball Tour. The event drew 51 entrants to Janet Atwell's Borderline Billiards in Bristol, TN.
Kidwell fell to Keith Wiseman in a winners' side quarterfinal, which set Wiseman up to face Jordan Grubb. Frank, in the meantime, squared off against June Bug. Wiseman sent Grubb to the loss side 8-5, as Frank was busy sending June Bug over 9-3. Frank claimed the hot seat in a double hill fight against Wiseman and waited on Kidwell's return.
Kidwell opened his loss-side campaign with a 7-4 win over Dustin Brown, and followed that with a 7-5 win over Pete Browning, setting him for a match versus June Bug. Grub picked up Cory Morphew, who'd eliminated Darren Musser 10-5 and Mike Brown 10-1. Kidwell chalked up win #3, 7-4, over June Bug, as Grub was eliminating Morphew 8-7 (Morphew racing to 10).
Kidwell gave up only a single rack in the quarterfinal match against Grubb, and turned to face the man who'd sent him to the loss side, Wiseman, in the semifinals. With Wiseman racing to 8, Kidwell advanced to the finals 7-6.
In the first of two sets, Kidwell and Frank battled to double hill, before Kidwell prevailed to force a second set. He won that one, as well, downing Frank 7-4 to claim the event title.

Shuff comes back from deep on the loss side to take down Wilkie in Action Pool Tour finale

Brandon Shuff

Brandon Shuff won four of the Action Pool Tour's 10 stops in 2015, including the season finale on the weekend of December 12-13, in which he spent most of his time on the loss side of the bracket. His four victories secured his spot at the top of the APT rankings, earning him the 2015 APT Champion title, which awards him airfare to the 2016 US Bar Table Championships, free entry into all three divisions, and a free hotel room at the host venue (still to be determined). 
Finishing second in the tour rankings, and not surprisingly, second in the tour finale was Shaun Wilkie, who competed in all 10 of the tour's events, won the first two, in January and February, and chalked up three second-place finishes. Finishing third in the tour rankings and first in 'participation points' on the tour, was Steve Fleming, who, like Wilkie competed in all 10 of the tour's events,, finishing as runner-up to Wilkie in the season opener, and adding two fifth and ninth place finishes, as well. Participation points are awarded based on actual participation in both main event and second chance tournaments, as well as referring new players to the tour. Fleming's Participation Points award affords him free entry to Action Pool Tour events for life.
The season finale drew 21 entrants to Clubhouse Billiards in Lynchburg, VA, and saw Shuff and Wilkie meet twice; once early and once, as late as it can get. Shuff picked up a bye in the opening round, as Wilkie was busy defeating Daniel Adams 9-4, in his first match. They met in the second round, and battled to double hill before Wilkie prevailed, and Shuff moved to the loss side. 
Wilkie advanced though Shorty K, 9-4, and faced Darren Musser in a winners' side semifinal. Jonathan Ailstock, in the meantime, got by Raymond Walters 9-7, Josh Fleming 9-1, and Andy Good 9-6 to draw Shannon Fitch in the other winners' side semifinal. Wilkie downed Musser 9-3, as Ailstock got by Fitch 9-4. Wilkie claimed the hot seat 9-6 over Ailstock and waited for Shuff to complete his five-match, loss-side winning streak.
That streak began (after a bye) with a shutout over Alex Espinal, followed by victories over Andy Good 7-2, and Scott Roberts 7-5, which set Shuff up to face Musser. Fitch drew Steve Fleming, who was on his own five-match, loss-side winning streak, which included victories over Charlie Clark 7-2 and Shorty K 7-1, to draw Fitch.
Shuff and Fitch downed Musser and Fleming, both 7-3. Shuff then defeated Fitch in the quarterfinals, also 7-3, and then spoiled Ailstock's bid for a second shot at Wilkie with a 7-4 win in the semifinals.
Vengeance, they say, is a dish best served cold. Shuff and Wilkie locked up, for the second time, in a double hill match, but Shuff closed it out at 11-10 to claim the event and tour championship title.

“Papa John” Adams goes undefeated to win Q City 9-Ball stop

Daniel "Papa John" Adams went undefeated through a field of 23, on-hand for the 28th stop on the Q City 9-Ball Tour, stopping a loss-side challenge by Scott Roberts in the finals. The Saturday, July 25, handicapped event, originally slated for Chandley's in Statesville, NC, was hosted by The Clubhouse in Lynchburg, TN.
Adams, a "7" handicap, entered the tournament in the middle of a pack of 64 players, who will, at season's end, qualify for the tour's championship event. His undefeated run notched him a few slots above Mike Davis. On his way to the tour win, he faced off in a winners' side semifinal against Jerry Varnado, who is  among the tour's top ten shooters. Darren Musser, in the meantime, met up with Brian Bryant. Adams advanced to the hot seat match 7-6 over Varnado and was joined by Musser, who'd sent Bryant to the loss side 8-7. Adams claimed the hot seat 7-2 and over Musser and waited for Roberts to complete his five-match, loss-side run.
After falling to Musser 8-5 in a winners' side quarterfinal, Roberts (coming into the tournament at #12 on the tour list) defeated Bill Miller and Bobby Glenn, both 8-3, to pick up Varnado. Bryant drew Wes Campbell, who'd gotten by Mike Allen 6-2 and Chad Pike 6-4. Roberts eliminated Varnado 8-5 and was joined in the quarterfinal match by Bryant, who'd defeated Campbell 9-5. 
Roberts took the quarterfinal match 8-3 over Bryant, earning himself a second shot at Musser in the semifinals. He took advantage of the opportunity and defeated Musser 8-3. "Papa John" ended Roberts' loss-side winning streak with a 7-2 victory in the finals and claimed the event title.
Stop #29 on the Q City 9-Ball Tour is scheduled for the weekend of August 1-2. The event will be hosted by Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, VA.

Taylor Wins VA 8-Ball Title, Mastermaker Defends VA State 9-Ball Crown

D. Mastermaker, G. Taylor, L. Kressel, J. Dickerson

The Virginia State 8 Ball Bar Table Championships was held on July 10, 2014 at The Clubhouse in Lynchburg, Virginia. Turnout was low, 19 players, since the event was held during the week.  The final four on the winner’s side had Danny Mastermaker playing Billy Walkerand Greg Taylor playing Daniel Adams. Walker beat Mastermaker 5-2 and Taylor beat Adams 5-1. One the one loss side, Mastermaker had to play his brother, Joey, whom he dispatched 5-1 as Adams eliminated Darren Musser 5-4.

While Mastermaker and Adams matched up to see who would finish 4th, Taylor played Billy Walker for the winner of the hot seat. Each match went to the hill with Mastermaker and Taylor each winning 5-4. After a quick break, Walker and Mastermaker played to see if Walker would get a second chance at Taylor. Mastermaker would prove to spoil Walker’s chance and also extract some revenge for his loss in the tournament earlier to Walker. In the finals, race to 7, Taylor surged to an early lead of 5-3 when Mastermaker got a roll. Taylor had a difficult shot where his last ball was close to the eight ball. He hit the shot so well he made them both and lost the game. Mastermaker managed to tie the set at 5 before Taylor dug deep and was able to close the set out.

1st – $750 – Greg Taylor
2nd -$450 – Danny Mastermaker
3rd – $250 – Billy Walker
4th – $150 – Daniel Adams

    The Virginia State 9 Ball Bar Table Championships was held 2 days later and drew a crowd of 27. Many of the same players from the 8 Ball event returned and there were a few other additions from Richmond.  From the beginning, it appeared that Mastermaker was set to defend his title which he won in 2012. In his first 4 matches he won a combined score of 28-11. Waiting for him in the winner’s side final was Larry Kressel. Kressel had an as impressive track record winning his first 4 matches by a combined score of 28-13. It was a tight match but Kressel won by a score of 7-5.

Mastermaker would end up playing his long time friend Chris Bruner to see who would go to the final to challenge Kressel in the finals. With the race on the one loss side shortened to 5, it would be anyone’s match. Bruner won the first 3 racks and one miss in rack 4 would be fatal. Mastermaker took advantage of the miss and through good play and solid safety play won the match 5-3; earning a rematch with Kressel in the finals. Kressel jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the match before Mastermaker would get his first game on the board. They would soon exchange games until the score was 7-7. Mastermaker would be the first player to reach the hill. With a solid break, he would make 2 balls and proceed to run out. Suddenly, the four ball hung in the corner pocket. This would allow Kressel to close out the rack and set up a hill-hill final. Kressel would break dry and give Mastermaker one more opportunity to defend his title. One more opportunity would be all he needed as he proceeded to run the rack out and defend his Virginia State 9 Ball Bar Table Championship.

1st – $1000 – Danny Mastermaker
2nd – $500 – Larry Kressel
3rd – $300 – Chris Bruner
4th $200 – Mike Haygood
5th $100 – Greg Taylor
6th $100 – Paul Oh


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