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Bova stops McCreesh charge to win Western New York Tour stop

Kyle Bova dropped the opening set of a true double elimination final to Ryan McCreesh, who'd won seven on the loss side for the right to face him, but came back to win a second set and claim the Saturday, August 10 event title at a stop on the Western New York Tour. The event drew 28 entrants to Camelot Billiards in Rochester, NY.
It was Bova who'd sent McCreesh west, in the second round of play, and with McCreesh at work on the loss side, Bova advanced among the winners' side final four for a match against Jerry Sullivan. Tour director Nick Brucato and T. Tamovan squared off in the other winners' side semifinal. Bova downed Sullivan, double hill, as Tamovan was sending Brucato to the loss side 7-5. Bova took the hot seat match 7-5 over Tamovan and waited on the return of McCreesh.
Brucato moved to the loss side and picked up Jose Mirabelle, who'd defeated Dan Miosi 6-4 and Mark Creamer 6-2 to reach him. Sullivan drew McCreesh, who'd survived a double hill match against Angelo Inness and defeated Brian Dickinson 8-3. McCreesh and Mirabelle handed Sullivan and Brucato their second straight losses; McCreesh surviving a second double hill battle, over Sullivan, while Mirabelle eliminated Brucato 7-5.
McCreesh took the quarterfinal match against Mirabelle 8-5 and then downed Tamovan in the semifinals by the same score. With momentum on his side, and vengeance on his mind, McCreesh took the opening set of the true double elimination final 8-4 over Bova. Bova, though, came back to win the second set 8-2 to claim  the event title. 

Mirabelle double dips Ortiz to win Western New York Tour

Jose Mirabelle won three on the loss-side and beat Tito Ortiz twice in the finals of the Saturday, July 14 stop on the Western New York Tour. The event drew 10 entrants Six Pockets in Rochester, NY.

Mirabelle was among the final four on the winners’ side where he met up with Don Perdy. Tour director Nick Brucato, in the meantime, squared off against Ortiz. Perdy downed Mirabelle 5-3, as Ortiz was sending Brucato over 6-5. Ortiz got into the hot seat with a 5-2 victory over Perdy, who moved to the semifinals for a re-match against Mirabelle.

Mirabelle had moved over to meet Jerry Sullivan, who’d been awarded a loss-side bye and defeated Roger Jackson 5-4. Brucato picked up Louis Riccio, who’d gotten by Kyle Berry 5-2 and Dennis Hobbins 5-3. It was Mirabelle and Brucato in the quarterfinals, once Mirabelle had eliminated Sullivan 5-3 and Brucato had dispatched Riccio 6-2.

Mirabelle then dropped Brucato into fourth place 6-4 to earn his re-match against Perdy; a re-match that in the short field would move the winner into the money. Mirabelle prevailed 5-2 and turned to face Ortiz in the hot seat. Mirabelle won the opening set 5-3 and went one better in the second set, winning it 5-2 to secure the event title.

Brucato double dips Mosci to win Western New York Tour stop

Nick Brucato won five straight matches on the loss-side to meet and then defeat Dan Mosci twice in the finals of the Western New York Tour stop on Saturday, January 14. The event drew 10 entrants to Six Pockets, in Rochester, NY.

Brucato was one of six players to receive an opening round bye. The remaining four squared off against each other, with Jose Mirabelle defeating Roger Jackson 5-1, as Jake Mosci (son to Dan) was busy sending Mike Ames west 4-2. Brucato moved to the loss-side in the subsequent round, sent there by Sonny Kemp, who advanced to the winners’ side final four for a match versus Dan Mosci. Also advancing were Terry Bulman and Jerry Sullivan.

Dan Mosci defeated Kemp 5-1, while Bulman joined him in the hot seat, following a 5-2 victory over Sullivan. Mosci gained the hot seat with a 5-1 victory over Bulman, and awaited Brucato’s fateful return.

Brucato opened his loss-side campaign with a 6-1 victory over Mike Ames, and followed it with a double hill win over Jose Mirabelle, which set him up to face Sullivan. Kemp drew Creamer, who’d defeated Jackson and Mosci (Jake), both 5-1. It was Brucato and Creamer advancing to the quarterfinals; Brucato with a 6-2 defeat of Sullivan, and Creamer 5-2 over Kemp. Brucato then ended Creamer’s day with a 6-4 victory that sent him (Brucato) to the semifinals versus Bulman.

Brucato downed Bulman 6-2 in those semifinals, and turned to face the elder Mosci in the hot seat. Brucato took the opening set 6-3 and completed his successful tournament bid with a 6-4 victory in the second set.

Brucato wins final stop on 2011 Western New York Tour

In a short field of 11 entrants, on hand for the final 2012 stop on the Western New York Tour, tour director Nick Brucato went undefeated to capture the event title. The event, held on Sunday, December 18, was hosted by Six Pockets Billiards Café in Rochester, NY.

Brucato advanced to the hot seat match with a 6-3 win over Phil Johnson, as Paco Morales was sending Chad Strong west 5-3. Brucato gave up only a single rack in the hot seat battle versus Morales, and sat in the hot seat awaiting the return of Jose Mirabelle

Mirabelle won four straight on the loss-side to get into the finals, starting with a 5-2 victory over Jerry Sullivan, which set him up to face Johnson. Strong picked up Tito Ortiz, who defeated Frank Rodriguez 5-4. After chalking up identical 5-4 wins over Johnson and Strong, Mirabelle and Ortiz squared off in the quarterfinals, where Mirabelle prevailed in another 5-4 victory. 

Mirabelle shut out Morales in the semifinals, for a chance against Brucato. Brucato, though, turned the tables on him, shutting him out 6-0 to complete his undefeated day.

The next stop on the Western New York is set for Sunday, January 7. It will be hosted by Premium Billiards in Syracuse, NY.

Grau goes undefeated to win his second Western New York Tour stop

Dave Grau and Nick Brucato

Dave Grau, who hasn’t finished lower than fifth in a tournament since March, added a second victory on the Western New York Tour to that list with an undefeated day on Saturday, November 19. The event drew 15 entrants to Six Pockets Billiards Café in Rochester, NY, the site, as well, of Grau’s victory in October.

From among the winners’ side final four, Grau faced Mark Hatch (uncle to Dennis Hatch), as tour director Nick Brucato squared off against Jose Mirabelle. Grau downed Hatch 6-1, as Mirabelle sent Brucato west in a double hill match. Grau gt into the hot seat with a 6-3 victory over Mirabelle and waited for what turned out to be Brucato’s return.

First up for Brucato on the loss-side was Jerry Sullivan, who’d defeated Dan Muosci and Brian Doty, both 4-2 to reach him. Hatch picked up Chad Christiansen, who’d survived two straight, double hill matches against Adam Techolph and Rick Sciotti. Christiansen’s third straight double hill match proved to be his downfall, as Hatch advanced to the quarterfinals. Brucato joined him, following his 4-2 victory over Sullivan.

Brucato allowed Hatch only a single rack in those quarterfinals and got a chance at revenge against Mirabelle, who’d sent him west in the winners’ side final four match. Brucato took full advantage, chalking up his second straight 4-1 victory and turning to face Grau in the hot seat. Grau completed his undefeated day with a 6-4 victory over Brucato.

Brucato thanked Six Pockets Billiards Café owner, Terry Horan, and his staff for their hospitality, and noted that the tour’s next stop will be on Thanksgiving weekend; Saturday, November 26, at Bison Billiards, in Buffalo, NY.