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Accu-Stats Announces May Premier Schedule

Accu-Stats Video Productions has released their MAY schedule of YouTube Premiere matches. They focus on the 2022 Derby City Classic and the 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championships. Fans can enjoy the world’s greatest players including Shane Van Boening, Fedor Gorst, Jayson Shaw, Joshua Filler, Ko Ping Chung, Earl Strickland, Mike Dechaine, and many, many more.

Accu-Stats premieres a new match from their immense archive of New and Historic content three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at 8pm EST. There is a lively chat during each premiere. Pat Fleming will host most nights in May. Viewers can find the Accu-Stats YouTube channel at

May Premiere Schedule:
May 1st – 2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket – John Gabriel vs Alex Pagulayan
May 3rd – 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championship – Earl Strickland vs Scott Frost
May 5th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Jayson Shaw vs Omar Al-Shaheen
May 8th – 2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Josh Roberts vs Darren Appleton
May 10th – 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championship – Shane Van Boening vs Roberto Gomez
May 12th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Joshua Filler vs Alex Kazakis
May 15th – 2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Jayson Shaw vs Anthony Meglino
May 17th – 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championship – Ivica Putnik vs Ko Ping Chung
May 19th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Shane Van Boening vs Lee Vann Corteza
May 22nd – 2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Fedor Gorst vs Darren Appleton
May 24th – 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championship – Kai-Lun Hsu vs Mike Dechaine
May 26th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Roberto Gomez vs John Morra
May 29th – 2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket Finals – Fedor Gorst vs Joshua Roberts
May 31st – 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championship – Karl Boyes vs Liu Hai-Tao

For over 30 years, Accu-Stats has been the leader in Professional Tournament Match Videos. The entire collection is available on DVD at

You can also watch more than 400 Accu-Stats matches from the 2018 and 2019 INTL 9-BALL OPEN; 2016-2020 Derby City Classic; 2015-2017 US Open 9-Ball Championships, as well as the Accu-Stats “Make It Happen” Invitationals via the Accu-Stats’ Vimeo Subscription service:

International Open Website:

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Chohan & Frost Nab US Open Titles – Biado Takes All-Around

Tony Chohan

After Fedor Gorst and Carlo Biado snapped off the US Open 10 Ball and 8 Ball Championships, the US Open One Pocket and Bank Pool Championship rounded out the action packed series at Griff’s in Las Vegas, NV.

The US Open One Pocket Championship opened with 44 players – the format was alternate break with races to four. After the players auction, players meeting and draw, play commenced.

Opening round action saw Roberto Gomez defeat fellow countryman Edgie Geronimo 4-1 as did Josh Roberts over legendary John Hennigan (“Cornflakes”). Evan Lunda battled it out with recently crowned US Open 8 Ball champ Carlo Biado – Carlo escaped with a 4-3 win. Coming out of retirement, veteran BCA and One Pocket Hall of Famer, Jose Parica, pounded the always tough Tres Kane 4-1.

Next round had Biado sending One Pocket Hall of Famer Scott Frost west 4-2, Ian Costello beating Jim Tomassoni 4-1, Josh Roberts blitzing James Davee 4-0 and Tony Chohan defeating Warren Kiamco 4-2 as did Lee Vann Corteza over Robert Frost by the same score. Roland Garcia smoked young gun Kash Keaton 4-0 and newly minted US Open 10 Ball champ Fedor Gorst sent Gomez packing 4-2.

In the top half of the chart, favorite Justin Hall quietly made his way through the bracket smoking all in his way – Alex Montpelier 4-1, Bart Czapia 4-0 and Lee Vann Corteza, Ronnie Wiseman and Roland Garcia – all 4-1.

After winning his first two matches easily, Roberts breezed past Danny Olson 4-0 and followed that by beating Las Vegas’s own Ian Costello 4-2 and Bob Herchik 4-1.

While Justin & Josh were taking care of business up north, Garcia was destroying the southern part of the chart.

After rolling over his first two matches, Roland tore through Gorst 4-0 and then Chohan 4-2. Garcia finally met his demise at the hands of Hall 4-1.

This set up the hot seat match between Hall and Roberts with Josh easily taking the match 4-1. Justin headed west to await an opponent.

After losing to Garcia earlier in the tournament, Chohan won four in a row on his march towards his match with Hall. He defeated Danny Olson and Tim De Ruyter – both 4-2. Getting stronger as he went, Herchik was next – 4-1 but battled down to the wire with Biado. Tony prevailed 4-3 leaving Carlo in fourth place.

Nothing stopping him now, Hall was next! Down he went 4-2 – Justin finished third. 

The undefeated Josh Roberts was waiting for Tony in the one set extended finals. There was no stopping the Chohan train as he steamed to a 5-0 victory! Good tournament, Josh! And congratulations to Tony for his third consecutive one pocket championship and his second US Open One Pocket Championship!

Scott Frost

And finally, the last event of the US Open Championship Series – the US Open Bank Pool Championship! Featuring 48 players, the format was alternate break with races to 5/4. As usual, after a players auction, players meeting and draw, play began.

After drawing a coveted bye, Roberto Gomez shot out of the gate with victories over Kash Keaton 5-0, Fedor Gorst 5-4, Tony Chohan 5-3 and Scott Frost 5-2 to reach the hot seat match.

Fellow Filipino Carlo Biado was doing the same in the bottom half of the chart. He escaped a close one with Caleb Schumacher 5-4 but then defeated Tony Bloom 5-0. He then edged out Chris Lulek, Robert Frost and Stephen Holem – all with 5-4 scores!

Now in dead punch, he smashed Roberto 5-1 to lock up his seat in the finals! Gomez went to the one loss side to await an opponent.

After losing their earlier matches, Stephen Holem and Scott Frost were working their way through the fray and finally bumped heads. Scott put an end to Stephen’s march 4-2 – Holem finished fourth.

Frost then thumped Gomez 4-1 and advanced to the finals! Roberts finished in third place.

Again, the finals were to be one set – an extended race to six.

Facing the undefeated Carlo Biado, Frost had his hands full. Neck and neck until four game apiece, Scott took the lead 5-4 and then won the final game to win this year’s US Open Bank Pool Championship! Congratulations to Scott! Good tournament, Carlo!

And, finally, Carlo Biado was the points leader of all four events so became the All-Around champ for 2022! Congratulations!!! would like to thank Griff’s owner, Mark Griffin, and his staff for going the extra mile to make both players and fans feel at home during this grueling US Open Championship Series. We’d like to thank Tournament Director Jason Hill and his assistant, Eric Kintzer, for doing such a great job running things!

Promoted by Cue & A Promotions, we’d once again like to thank the sponsors for the US Open Championship Series. They were OB Cues, Griff’s Billiards, Simonis, Aramith, Diamond Billiard Products, JB Cases, Keller Billiard Products and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

We’d like to thank Mary Kenniston, Robert LeBlanc, Larry Schwartz, John Henderson, Jeremy Jones, Josh Roberts, Mike DeLawder and Ray Hansen for their topnotch commentary.

And, last but not least, PoolActionTV would like to thank our fans and sponsors. They include JB Cases, Lomax Custom Cues, Keller Billiard Products, Durbin Custom Cues, StraightPoolEye, Hanshew Jump Cues, Simonis, Aramith, Diamond Billiard Products, the Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next stop is the Action Palace in Dayton, OH for the $50,000 Champion’s Challenge featuring Chris Reinhold and Shane McMinn! It’s ten ball – race to 100 on nine foot Diamonds! Hope to see you there!

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Gorst & Biado New US Open 10 & 8 Ball Champs!!!

Carlo Biado (Pool Action TV)

Las Vegas, NV was pool player central for the last couple weeks! Starting this past Sunday and immediately following the CSI Nationals, the WPA World 10 Ball Championship and the CSI/Predator US Pro Billiard Series’ Alfa Women’s Las Vegas Open, OB Cues presented the $45,000 added US Open Championship Series. 

Hosted by Griff’s owner, Mark Griffin, the US Open Championship Series was comprised of four events – Ten Ball, Eight Ball, One Pocket and Bank Pool. $10,000 was added to each event plus $5,000 for the All-Around. Players paid a $330 entry for each event. 

Players included BCA and One Pocket Hall of Famer Jose Parica who was joined by fellow countrymen Roberto Gomez, Carlo Biado, Lee Vann Corteza, Edgie Geronimo, Roland Garcia, Warren Kiamco and Joven Bustamante. Current Andy Mercer Memorial Champ Vilmos Foldes and One Pocket Hall of Famer Scott Frost were joined by Tony Chohan, Justin Hall, Josh Roberts, Ronnie Wiseman, Bob Herchik, Tres Kane, Jim Tomassoni, John Hennigan, Evan Lunda, Ian Costello, Robert Frost, Shane Winters, Danny Olson, Donny Branson, Redgie Cutler and James Davee. Young guns Jesus Atencio, Sergio Rivas, Kash Keaton and Justin Espinosa joined the fray as well as Canada’s Stephen Holem and Joe Spence, Russia’s Fedor Gorst and Kristina Tkach and Australia’s Justin Sajich. WOW!!! 

Promoted by Cue & A Promotions, the sponsors for the US Open Championship Series were OB Cues, Griff’s Billiards, Simonis, Aramith, Diamond Billiard Products, JB Cases, Keller Billiard Products and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX. 

The US Open 10 Ball started on Sunday afternoon with 51 players entering this double elimination, race to nine, alternate break event. PoolActionTV’s Ray Hansen conducted the players auction which was followed by a players meeting and the draw. 

Superstar-in-the-making Jesus Atencio charged out of the gate with wins over veterans Ronnie Wiseman 9-1, Warren Kiamco 9-3. Tony Chohan 9-2 and young Canadian Joe Spence 9-3 until he ran head on into another young star-in-the-making, Canada’s Stephen Holem. Holem had just defeated recent back-to-back Andy Mercer Memorial champ, Vilmos Foldes 9-5, and sent Jesus packing 9-4. 

Meanwhile, another young champ was methodically dismantling everyone in his path until he ran into the always tough Roberto Gomez. They duked it out and Roberto was finally toppled 9-7. However, Fedor was sent west by Roberto’s fellow Filipino, Lee Vann Corteza, by the same score – 9-7. 

After starting out with that coveted bye, Corteza had much tougher opponents to get to his match with Fedor but he blistered both Evan Lunda 9-2 and Sergio Rivas 9-1. Shane Winters gave him a harder time but Lee Vann prevailed 9-6 and went on to vanquish Gorst 9-7. 

Corteza and Holem made it to the hot seat match. Stephen shot out to a 2-0 lead and then 4-2 until Lee Vann caught a gear. He took off from there to win his spot in the finals 9-4. Stephen headed over to the one loss side to await an opponent. 

After losing his third round match to Joe Spence 9-6, Roland Garcia was tearing the west side apart with wins over Lunda 9-4, Frost 9-0, Gomez 9-4, Winters 9-5 and Atencio 9-4 until he ran into that buzz saw named Gorst. Fedor put an end to the hopes of Roland 9-4 leaving him in fourth place and squashed young Holem’s title dreams 9-0. Stephen finished in a well-earned third place and Fedor marched into familiar territory – the finals. 

The final match was one extended race to thirteen. Although close, Corteza lead for most of the match until Gorst pulled away in the second half to win the match 13-8! Great event, Lee Vann! And, congratulations to Fedor as he wins once more – his first US Open Ten Ball title!!! 

The US Open Eight Ball Championship started on Wednesday following the players auction, players meeting and draw. 48 players paid their entries into this double elimination, race to eight, alternate break tournament. 

Carlo Biado began his march to the hot seat with victories over Jonny Siraphong 8-2, Tony Chohan 8-6, Redgie Cutler 8-0, Roberto Gomez 8-4 and Jesus Atencio 8-6. Justin Sajich began his run with wins over Eric Vargas 8-2, squeaked by Edgie Geronimo 8-7, Evan Lunda 8-6, Danny Olson 8-4 and smoked Josh Roberts 8-2. 

The hot seat match was a battle with Sajich getting to the hill first – 7-6. Running out for the win, he hooked himself on the last ball before the eight! Biado jumped out of his chair to tie it up & escaped with an 8-7 win! A disappointed Sajich headed west to await an opponent. 

Roland Garcia emerged from the pack to face Justin – the winner of this match would advance to the finals. Garcia came out of the gate strong and was just too much for Justin to overcome. He rallied a bit at the end and got close but Roland was just too strong – final score 8-6. Justin finished in third place. 

The finals were an extended race to eleven and everyone expected it to be a real dogfight but it was just the opposite. Carlo cruised to an easy 11-3 victory! Great tournament, Roland, and congratulations to Carlo on his first US Open Eight Ball title! 

There’s more great pool coming so stay tuned for the US Open One Pocket and the US Open Bank Pool Championships! If you haven’t already, get your pass at!!!

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The Lion Rules Scotty Townsend Memorial. Larson Takes The Ladies.

Alex Pagulayan (Pool Action TV)

West Monroe, LA was the place to be this past week for the 5th Annual Scotty Townsend Memorial Pool Tournament. It was hosted by owner Josh Hoff at Arena Billiards. 

Boasting $15,000 added, this year’s tournament had several events – one pocket, a 10 ball mini, open 9 ball and ladies 9 ball. Produced by Cue & A Promotions, local sponsors included James Hanshew of Hanshew Jump Cues, Interstate Dodge, Joe Long Attorney at Law, Magic Grill, Tommy Semmes Surveying, Simonis Cloth and Diamond Billiards. 

There were lots of heavy hitters in the building including John Morra, Scott Frost, Sky Woodward, Tony Chohan, Chip Compton, CJ Wiley and Aloysius Yapp as well as Filipino stars Alex Pagulayan, Carlo Biado, Roland Garcia, Roberto Gomez, Lee Vann Corteza and young gun Robbie Capito.

Other well known names included Sharik Sayed, Can Salim, Shane McMinn, Shane Wolford, Sergio Rivas, John Gabriel, Chuck Raulston, Justin Espinosa, Tommy Medina, Kenny Loftis, Rickey Anders, Derek Fontenot, Shane Winters, Troy Jones, April Larson, Emily Sumrall, Nicole Keeney and Ricki Lee Casper.

The six-day poolfest started Tuesday evening with an auction and players meeting for the $7000 added Pro One Pocket event. Although the field only had eleven players, there wasn’t a lightweight in the bunch! Each paid $1000 to compete in this double elimination race to four event. Finals was to be one set – race to six.

Garcia, Calderon, Corteza, Chohan and Pagulayan drew the coveted byes. Frost and Morra, Biado and Woodward plus Compton and Gomez all battled down to the wire with Frost, Biado and Compton claiming victory 4-3.

Second round matches saw Frost edging out Garcia as did Calderon over Biado – each match also 4-3. Pagulayan defeated the always tough Chohan 4-2 and Compton skunked Corteza 4-0.

Down to four on the winners side, Frost pummeled Calderon and Pagulayan did the same to Compton with identical scores of 4-1. Compton and Calderon headed west while Frost and Pagulayan awaited the hot seat match.

Working their way through the one loss side of the chart, Woodward and Biado emerged to play each other. Carlo easily defeated Sky 4-1 leaving him with a fourth place finish. 

The following day, fighting tooth and nail, Frost and Pagulayan battled it out in the hot seat match. Scott emerged the victor 4-3 locking up his seat in the finals. Alex had to play Carlo for the other berth. 

Not to be denied another shot at Frost, Pagulayan defeated Carlo 4-2 leaving Carlo in third place.

As mentioned previously, the finals would be one set – race to six. Taking no prisoners, Alex smoked Scott 6-2 to claim the title! 

Continuing his winning ways, Alex and Lee Vann split the top prize in the $1,000 added 10 Ball Mini!

The next day, 150 players put up their $100 entries for the $6,000 added Open 9 Ball event.  Being played on bar boxes, the format was alternate break, rack your own and races to 9/7. 

In dead punch, Alex Pagulayan continued on the warpath dispatching opponents Jeff Davies 9-1, James Jordan 9-0, Monroe Jones 9-3 and Jonathan Martin 9-0. 

Running into Roberto Gomez, they battled it out but licking his wounds, Alex took him down too – final score 9-7. Not getting any easier, Singapore’s Aloysius Yapp was next. He fell too – 9-4! Then, Hong Kong’s Robbie Capito fought hard but he lost also – 9-7. Alex had arrived at the hot seat match.

Meanwhile, on the lower portion of the bracket, Joe Keith of Dyersburgh, TN, was slowly working his way through the mine fields! After initially drawing a bye in the first round and having a no-show in the second, Joe defeated Ceza Mungal 9-5, Eric Alcinena and Mark Krech – both 9-2 –  before meeting Lee Vann Corteza. 

They went down to the end but Joe pulled out a 9-7 victory! Sergio Rivas was next and Joe won 9-6. He had arrived at the hot seat match!

Hot seat action was pretty much all Alex as he sent Joe west with a score of 9-3. Joe headed west to await the results of the Capito-Rivas match.

This was a tough one too but when the smoke cleared, it was Robbie over Sergio 7-5. Capito and Keith were to cross swords to see who’d face Alex in the finals!

Joe Keith’s Cinderella story was not to be…Robbie Capito defeated him 9-3 to move into the finals against Alex. Joe finished in a solid third place for the event. 

Only twenty years old and a former junior champion, Robbie would have to defeat the Lion twice to take the title. 

The match started out neck and neck until Capito pulled out to an 8-3 lead! He was on the hill and breaking!

Robbie broke the balls but had no shot. Alex won the next two games to make it 8-5. Robbie broke the balls and made five balls on the break! Left with a long straight shot on the four, he fired it in, ran out the remaining few balls and forced a second set – final score 9-5.

Having won the flip, Alex won the first two games but Robbie tied it up. Alex went ahead the next two games and Robbie tied it up again. Alex pulled ahead to 5-4 and again, Robbie tied it up! Alex got to the hill first and Robbie tied it up! 6-6! WOW! One game for it all! To Robbie’s disappointment, Alex broke and ran out for the title!!! Good tournament, Robbie! So close…

What a great finals! Congratulations to Alex for taking both the nine ball and the one pocket events as well as splitting the 10 ball mini!

While the Open 9 Ball was in progress, the $1,000 added Women’s 9 Ball event began. Twenty eight ladies posted their $100 entry fees into this double elimination, alternate break event – races were also 7/5.

April Larson (Pool Action TV)

April Larson took top honors leaving Nicole Keeney in runner-up position & Janeen Lee finished in third place. Good job, ladies!!!

Thanks again to owner Josh Hoff and his staff for going the extra mile to make everyone feel at home while Tournament Director Jason Hill kept things running smoothly. would  also like to thank Jeremy Jones, Larry Schwartz, Alex Pagulayan, John Gabriel and Ray Hansen for their expert commentary.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors and fans for another fantastic event! Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, JB Cases, Durbin Custom Cues, StraightPoolEye, Hanshew Jump Cues, Aramith, Simonis, Diamond Billiard Products, the Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX. 

Our next stop is the Midwest Open Billiards Championships at Michael’s Billiards in Fairfield, OH. Dates are March 15th-20th. Hope to see you there!!!

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Frost Freezes Mcgrath

Scott Frost

Rob and Heather Williams, owners of Racks On The Rocks in West Peoria, IL, were the hosts of the $40,000 Champions 8 Ball Challenge.

Played on seven foot Diamonds, it was a race to 80 over the course of three days. The format was winner breaks and take what you make.

So, after weeks of online woofing, Scott Frost and Bobby McGrath finally teed it up!

Scott opened up by winning the first eight games and from there it was pretty much back and forth. That head start, however, proved to be tough to overcome. Day One ended with a score of 30-21 Scott.

Day Two finished with Scott extending his lead by four more games – 60-47. He continued to extend his lead on Day Three as he closed out the match 80-60.

Congratulations to Scott for a convincing win! Well played, Bobby!

We’d like to thank our local sponsors for making this event happen. They are Simonis, Aramith, Diamond Billiard Products, BMP as well as Racks On The Rocks and PoolActionTV. We’d also like to thank the Rack On The Rocks staff for taking such good care of the players and fans.

PoolActionTV would also like to thank our fans and sponsors as well as Larry Schwartz, Jeremy Jones and Ray Hansen for their expert commentary.

Our sponsors include JB Cases, Diamond Billiard Products, Castillo Leather Goods, Durbin Custom Cues, Simonis, Lomax Custom Cues, IPKT, Hanshew Jump Cues, Team StraightPoolEye, the Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next event is the 48th Annual Texas Open! This year’s extravaganza begins with the One Pocket event and includes the Ladies 9 Ball, a Nine Ball Mini, a Ladies 10 Ball Ring Game, 10 Ball Banks and, of course the Nine Ball Open. Held at Skinny Bob’s in Round Rock, TX, play starts on Monday and runs through Sunday (August 23rd-29th). Hope to see you there!

T-Rex, The Warrior & Mr. Smooth Take New Orleans

Tony Chohan and Scott Frost

Twenty of the top one pocket players on the planet and 101 nine-ball players stampeded to Buffalo’s On Bloomfield in Jefferson, LA for their Sixth Annual Pro Classic. There were three events: the $10,000 added Pro One Pocket event, a $500 added One Ball One Pocket Mini and the $3000 added Open Nine-Ball tournament. The double elimination one pocket event had a $2000 entry fee with all races to five. The mini had a $200 entry – limited to 32 players. Single elimination – race to three. The nine ball event was double elimination with a $100 entry fee with races to seven – alternate break.

Wednesday night, before the main event started, honored John Henderson with their Lifetime Pool In Action award. Since John wasn’t able to attend, it was hosted by Steve Booth and Mary Kenniston and live streamed for all to witness.

This was followed by the One Ball One Pocket mini-tournament. Including the players auction, there was a total purse of 15K. It was the first time for this format and everyone – players and fans alike – loved it! When the smoke cleared, it was John Morra and Jason Brown in the finals. Jaybird played great but it was Mr. Smooth who added another one pocket notch in his belt. Congratulations, John! Good tournament, Jason!

Thursday evening, the double elimination one pocket event opened with a rousing player auction and followed by a players meeting and draw. Play began and everywhere you looked, there was world class one pocket being played.

By Sunday, Tony Chohan and Scott Frost had torn through the field undefeated and met in the hot seat match. As with the previous matches, top-notch one pocket skills were displayed by both players and Chohan edged out the match 5-4 to claim his spot in the finals.

On the west side of the chart, Justin Hall defeated Dennis Orcollo leaving Dennis in fourth place. With both players looking to get into the finals, Scott and Justin duked it out. After an extremely long match, it was Scott who emerged the victor leaving Justin in third place.

The finals began with Tony Chohan rocketing out to a 4-1 lead – it looked like victory was imminent! However, Scott wasn’t done yet and clawed his way back to tie it up at 4-4. If Scott could win, he’d force a second set in the true double elimination format!

However, it wasn’t meant to be as they battled down to the last ball and Tony – Buffalo’s House Pro – pocketed it to take down the title!

Congratulations to Tony for a well-earned victory as he went undefeated – not to mention winning on home court! Great tournament, Scott!
Saturday was opening day for the Open Nine Ball event. When the smoke cleared on Sunday afternoon, it was an all-Filipino final four – Carlo Biado, Roland Garcia, Warren Kiamco and Edgie Geronimo!!! Warren was the last man standing after defeating Roland in the final match. Congratulation, Warren! Great job, Roland! would like to thank James Leone – owner of Buffalo’s Billiards – and his staff for going the extra mile to show players and fans the Big Easy spirit. Tournament Director Jason Hill did a great job delivering a well run event – thank you, Jason! Thanks to sponsors Attorney Joseph Long, Action Palace, Enviroassessments, Chris Renfro of Outsville, ArtCo, Wade Allemand, Iwan Simonis, Aramith, CR’s Sportsbar, Action 24/7, JB Cases and, of course, Buffalo’s Billiards, for their support.

We’d also like to thank Larry Schwartz, Billy Incardona, Tom Wirth, Jeremy Jones, Josh Roberts, Alex Pagulayan and Mary Kenniston for their expert commentary.

Thanks to custom cuemaker Steve Lomax of Lomax Cues for donating another beautiful $2700 cue!

And, last but not least, thanks to all our fans and sponsors for another great event. Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, Aramith, JB Cases, Hanshew Custom Cues, Durbin Custom Cues, Simonis, Diamond Billiard Products, Action Palace of Dayton, OH, CR’s Sports Bar and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next event is the $14K added Eighth Annual Big Tyme Classic in Spring, TX – June 10th-13th. Hope to see you there!

Morra, Lunda & Kiamco Take It Down In Illinois

Devin Poteet and John Morra

The Racks On The Rocks Classic was the place to be this past weekend. Located in West Peoria, IL and owned by Rob and Heather Williams, they hosted three divisions – one pocket, eight ball and a nine ball mini.

Local sponsors C-N-C Fireworks, Kinner Excavating, Pip-N-Tree, Inc., Glad’s Tire Service, Elite Custom Services, Denbesten Real Estate and Beast Mode Products contributed to the $11,000 added event.
The $5,000 added one pocket division started on Wednesday night and by Friday afternoon was down to two players – Scott Frost and Evan Lunda. Scott came out of the gate firing but when it was all over, Evan had claimed the title with a 6-3 score.
The $5,000 added Open Bar Table Eight Ball began on Friday night and ran all weekend. By Sunday night, the field had been whittled down to John Morra and Devin Poteet. John was too much for Devin as he grabbed the trophy 7-5.

One Pocket Winner Evan Lunda

Meanwhile, the $1,000 Nine Ball Mini kicked off with nine players putting up $500 each. Although the field was small, the talent was huge. Racing to nine, the single elimination event came down to Roland Garcia and Warren Kiamco. The Warrior has been on a tear in the last few events and this one was no different. Final score – 9-7 Warren.

Congratulations to all!!!
Thanks to tournament directors Ray Hansen for the one pocket and nine ball divisions and Josh Suits for the eight ball division. We’d also like to thank the Racks On The Rocks staff for taking good care of players and fans alike.
Thanks to Larry Schwartz and Mary Kenniston for their great commentary!
And last, but not least, we’d like to thank our fans and sponsors! Our sponsors include JB Cases, Diamond Billiard Products, Castillo Leather Goods, Lomax Custom Cues, Simonis, 1PKT, Hanshew Jump Cues, StraightPoolEye, Durbin Custom Cues, Fort Worth Billiards Superstore in Fort Worth, TX, The Action Palace of Dayton, OH and our venue, Racks On The Rocks.’s next stop is Buffalo’s Pro One Pocket and Open Nine Ball in New Orleans, LA. The dates are May 26th-30th. Hope to see you there!!!

Iron City Open in Birmingham This Week

The eyes of pro pool fans in the states are focused this week on Iron City Billiards in Birmingham, Alabama for the Iron City Open. This event features $10,000 in added prize money across multiple divisions. 

Things kicked off on Thursday with a $1,000 entry / $5,000 added One Pocket event that features some of the biggest names in the game. The field includes such notables as Dennis Orcollo, Tony Chohan, Scott Frost, Billy Thorpe, John Morra, Warren Kiamco, Omar Alshaheen and the return of fan favorite Charlie Bryant. 

Friday afternoon matches will feature the final four on the winners side, with Jason Brown and John Morra already waiting for opponents. Brown will face the winner of Orcollo and Justyn Cone, while Morra waits on the winner between Kiamco and Bryant. 

On the one loss side, Josh Roberts waits on the loser between Kiamco and Bryant. Other notables still fighting on the left side of the board include Chohan, Frost, Thorpe and Alshaheen. 

Thursday will see the $1,000 added Ladies 9-Ball event kicking off. While Ming Ng will certainly be one of the favorites in this one, the rest of the field that includes Courtney Peters, Betty Lea and Janeen Lee Gardner to name just a few, will be gunning for her all weekend. 

The $4,000 added open 9-ball event will get started on Friday with a ton of top talent. Early favorites in this one will include Orcollo, James Aranas, Thorpe, Jeffrey De Luna, Kiamco, Shane McMinn, Morra, Frost and Nick De Leon. 

TvMike’s is streaming three separate tables from this event as part of their coverage. Check out the event package at the website. Fans can sign up for the broadcast coverage at

T-Rex Survives The Freezer

Ray Hansen, Tony Chohan, Paradise Billiards Owners Carmen & Cici Margo

This was the match that everyone has talked about for a long time! The wait was over – arrangements were made and the venue was set!

Paradise Billiards in Atlantis, FL was the destination for every one pocket aficionado in the region to watch legends Tony Chohan and Scott Frost duke it out this weekend in this latest iteration of the Champion’s Challenge. It was a race to thirty to be played over three days – race to ten, then the first to reach twenty with the final day to thirty.

Local sponsors for the match included Rosalita’s Tex-Mex Grill, Boynton Billiards and Patrick Driscoll of Obsidian Financial Services. We’d like to thank them as well as room owner Carmen Margo and his staff who went the extra mile to make everyone feel at home.

Day One was all Scott as he kept Tony shooting off the rail. He leapt out to a 10-4 score. Things looked bleak for all the Chohan bettors as the Frost camp whooped it up.

However, Day Two was a completely different story. Tony knew he had his work cut out for him. He charged out of the gate and won game after game until the score was tied at eleven! Tony kept the pressure on completely dominating the day and finished with the lead at 20-17.

Day Three saw the first few games go back and forth with Tony still in the lead. Scott dug deep and tied it up at 26-26! Game on!!!

The next game saw a great runout by Tony – he fought his way to the hill but Scott wasn’t done yet as he won the next game – 29-27. That was to be the last game won by Scott as Tony closed out the match 30-27.

Both players had their ups and downs as well as some spectacular play. It was a hard fought match and I’m pretty sure there’s a rematch in their future.

We’d like to thank Jeremy Jones for his excellent commentary as well as guest commentators Billy Incardona and the author of “One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Agression,” Tom Wirth.

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“Fill the field” is the cry for players as National Billiard League launches

He’d been ‘tossing it around’ for about 10 years. Thinking about it seriously for the last five or so. And now, at a time when we could all use a little light peeking out beyond a distant and difficult-to-predict horizon, Ed Liddawi, owner and manager of Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ has gone public with an idea that is arguably long overdue – the institution of a national Pro tour, which he has labeled the National Billiard League (NBL). 
One can almost hear the universal outcry from anywhere you happen to be.
“Yeah, right!!” says the (hypothetical) cry, “here we go again!”
Among the many things for which Kevin Trudeau was blamed when his International Pool Tour (IPT) initiative bit the proverbial dust in late 2006, was the demise of the pool hustler, an archetype of Americana, similar to a Wild West gunslinger, only with a cue stick (they don’t call young emergent pool players ‘young guns’ for nothing).  The hustler moved from town to town, fleecing the local citizenry and riding out with a wad of cash in his/her saddlebag. According to L. Jon Wertheim, a former senior writer at Sports Illustrated and author of Running the Table: The Legend of Kid Delicious (Dan Basavich), the Last American Pool Hustler (2007), “the pool hustler wasn’t murdered by any single suspect, but the last man holding the knife was Kevin Trudeau (who) out-hustled the hustlers and killed off a national archetype in the process.” Mr. Wertheim also cited us here at AZBilliards, specifically, our Forums, as being among his ‘suspects.’
“Even before Mr. Trudeau, hustling was on its deathbed,” he wrote in an Op-Ed for the New York Times in November, 2007. “Time was, a player could score big in, say, Cheyenne, WY and by the time word got out over the pool transom, the hustler was already in Lexington, KY or Laredo, TX. But then came the popular online forum, Suddenly, a player would score big and his exploits would be publicized by sunrise.”
But it wasn’t just the iconic pool hustler that metaphorically died. So, too, did trust in the sport itself and for all intents and purposes, the prospect of any nationally organized and administered pool tour. The pool world moved in the direction of regional tours and ‘big money’ independent events. And it’s been mired there ever since. This, in spite of repeated exclamations by a variety of (though not all) industry professionals that a national pool tour was desperately needed to ‘save’ the sport.
The first question we asked Ed Liddawi was how he would respond to the legions of ‘naysayers’ who were sure to surface when he announced these plans.
“There are going to be ‘naysayers,’ no matter what,” he responded. “It’s OK. There are only going to be 32 slots available in your local area. Someone will be happy to take it. You can sit back and watch your friend win the money.”
“I’m used to it (the ‘naysayers’) in the billiards industry,” he added. “Especially in the billiards industry. We have a lot of those negative people out there and if they’re not doing something themselves, they give you no credit.”
He believes himself to be poised in what he calls a “perfect position” in terms of resources and connections in the industry to pull it off. He’s been a part of the industry for 27 years and has owned and managed Sandcastle Billiards for the last 12 of them. He has established relationships with all of the major entities in the industry and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Billiards Congress of America (BCA), who, he says, “have an open ear to get things going on the play side of things again, especially with the junior players.”
“It would be foolish of me not to take action and utilize these resources at my fingertips,” he said.
In the early years of considering options for his developing idea, he used his experience working with several organizations around the world to “study the algorithms and formats of successful events of other countries” and discussed his ideas with a number of major contributors in the industry; representatives from Diamond (tables), Aramith, Simonis and with other members on the board of the BCA, for example. Why, he wanted to know, have we gone from being the kings of pool in the 60s and 70s, to being the laughing stock and to the disorganized, random and independent events of today? He utilized his research into the question to develop a three-sided approach to his emerging ideas.
“Standardization, organization and professionalism,” he said. 
All of the NBL’s events, which will be a combination of 10-ball and 8-ball events, will operate utilizing the same format, the complete details of which will accompany official announcements as the projected date for the first qualifier approaches (January, 2021). These events will be run with the same-size tables and the same rules, which will embrace professionalism at all levels.
“We have to unify under one blanket organization, the NBL,” Liddawi explained. “It’s not going to be like a local bar league. It will be a season, a series of events, like the NBA and the NFL.”
“All players will be wearing the same uniform, (differentiated by) their name and state,” he added, “to create an image, a professional look.”
As the idea picked up some momentum, he began to reach out to venues, in search of 32 (Sandcastle Billiards, of course, being one of them) that would host the eight qualifiers (Jan./Feb., April/May, July/August and Oct./Nov.), as well as the four main events with projected $200,000 prize packages in March, June, September and December. The search emphasis was on pool rooms.
“One goal is to re-stimulate activity and bring pool back where it belongs,” he said. “in pool rooms. Not the bars, not the casinos, not in the hotel ballrooms. Everything – the qualifiers and the main events – is based out of pool rooms.”
The enterprise will be, says Liddawi, self-sustaining, with the players who participate providing the funds with entrance fees, as they do in the current regional tour/independent event scenario. And it will be based on a simple formula – 32 (locations) X 32 (players at each location) X 2 (qualifiers, leading to the quarterly event with the $200,000 prize purse). Money over and above the entrance fees and payouts in the qualifying events will be used to pay for qualifying players’ flight, hotel, and entry slot to the quarterly event and a tour card for the rest of the year (after the quarterly event, making them eligible for the next qualifying event) and two official NBL jerseys to wear at the Main Event. 
As Liddawi continues his search for pool rooms to hold the NBL’s first (and future) qualifiers, he is mindful of the presence of regional tours and attempting to coordinate the NBL’s schedule with the regional tour schedules. With his plan to hold the NBL’s qualifying events on the same day, nationwide, he’s likely to encounter some scheduling conflicts and has indicated a willingness to work with regional tours in having a qualifying event become part of a given tour’s schedule, albeit with the understanding that said event be conducted under the rules that the NBL will have established, in terms of format, rules, and prize money. 
“Integrated would be fine,” he said. “The NBL would be happy to support and promote all independent events, tours, and organizations, by offering them advertisements, as they sponsor their players.”
While firm commitments to a variety of formatting and organizational issues remain in the future, Liddawi has received principle support from Scott Frost at his Freezer’s Sports Bar and Grill in Arizona, Big Tyme Billiards and Skinny Bob’s in Texas, Big Dog’s in Iowa and Breaktime Billiards in North Carolina, to name just a few, along with commitments from a variety of people who’ve agreed to be Tour Director when a venue opens up in their area. When he spoke to us, he was hard at work securing a number of locations in the Northeast. As of yesterday, a promotional video on NBL’s Facebook page ( says that there are only eight venue slots left.
Liddawi is supporting something of a mantra as he forges ahead with his plans. Since he identifies the plans’ weakest link as ‘player participation,’ he is trying to cement a simple phrase into the hearts and minds of interested players.
“Fill the field!!” he said. “Fill the field! Fill the field.”