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The Lion Outruns T-Rex

Alex Pagulayan

This was the rematch that everyone has talked about for a long time! The wait was over – arrangements were made and the venue was set!

The Rack & Grill III in Aiken, SC was the destination for every one pocket aficionado in the southeast to watch legends Tony Chohan and Alex Pagulayan duke it out for the past few days in the $150,000 Champions Challenge. Alex spotted Tony 9/8 – it was a race to 36 played over four days – races to 9, 18, 27 and 36 for the win. Mark Gregory of Perfect Pocketz readied the Diamond table with 4” pockets specifically for the match.

Room owner Michael Newsome and his staff rolled out the red carpet to make everyone feel at home.

Day One began with Tony taking the first game and staying in the lead as the players battled back and forth. The Lion finally tied the match at six games apiece and then went ahead 7-6, then 8-6 and finished out the day 9-7. 

Day Two saw Alex ease ahead 11-8 and he kept the pressure on slowly extended his lead by five games.  Final score for the session 18-13. 

Day Three saw Tony making a charge as he closed the gap to three games – 22-19. However, his charge was shortlived as Alex surged ahead to close out the day 27-20.

On Day Four, Tony dug deep to win four out of the first six games to make it 29-24. Each player won on their break making it 30-25, then 30-26 and Tony drew within three games – 31-28. Only allowing him one more game, Alex bore down and closed out the match 36-29.

It was a hard fought match with both players having their ups and downs as well as some spectacular play. We were witness to an exceptional display of their knowledge and moves in addition to Alex’s precision cue ball control and Tony’s shot-making ability. What a match!!! Congratulations to Alex!!! Good shooting, Tony!

Thanks again to Michael Newsome and his hard working staff for taking such good care of the players and fans!! would also like to thank Jeremy Jones for his excellent commentary as well as his guest commentators Scott Rabon, Mike Beehler and John Hennigan (“Flakes”). We’d also like to thank our fans and our sponsors – you make this all possible. Our sponsors include Hanshew Jump Cues, Lomax Custom Cues, StraightPoolEye, Durbin Custom Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis, Aramith, The Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next stop is Rack On The Rocks in West Peoria, IL for the Aramith/Simonis Pro Classic featuring three events – $7500 added 10 Ball, $7500 added One Pocket and $2000 added Bar Table 8 Ball!!! The dates are October 6th-10th – we hope to see you there!!!

Garcia and Orcollo, singly and together, win One Pocket, Scotch Doubles at Iron City Open

Dennis Orcollo

In the opening two days (Wed., Thurs. August 4-5) of the second Iron City Open (the first was held in April), Roland Garcia and Dennis Orcollo combined to win the One Pocket and Scotch Doubles events. They faced each other in the finals of the $3,000-added One Pocket event that drew a short field of six entrants and then, together, downed the team of Josh Roberts and Raed Shabib in the finals of the $1,000-added Scotch Doubles tournament that drew 17 teams.

Still ongoing are the $3,000-added 9-Ball main event, which has drawn 77 entrants, including Garcia and Orcollo and a 10-Ball Mini event (also with Garcia and Orcollo) with 18 entrants, both of which commenced on Friday night. Orcollo was sent to the loss side after dropping a preliminary round, double hill match against Tony Chohan at the start of last night’s 9-ball tournament. 

Today (Saturday, Aug. 7), a $2,000-added Ladies 9-Ball event will begin around 4 p.m., with a $1,000-added 9-Ball Banks tournament set to begin shortly thereafter.

Wednesday’s One Pocket event was contested by Josh Martin, Tony Chohan, Dennis Orcollo, Justyn Cone, Josh Roberts and Roland Garcia. Chohan and Orcollo advanced in a preliminary round after Chohan downed Martin and Orcollo got by Cone. Chohan got into the hot seat match by downing Roberts 4-3 and was joined by Garcia, who’d shut Orcollo out. Garcia claimed the hot seat, double hill over Chohan. Orcollo won three straight on the loss side, downing Martin, Roberts and Chohan, only to be bested a second time by Garcia, 6-3, to claim the One Pocket title.

As a team, Orcollo and Garcia went 5-0 in the Scotch Doubles event, beginning with victories over the teams of Matt Littleton & Luke Wilkins, Kevin Ping and Louis Altes, along with Andy Warren and Dan Picard. They sent Manny Chau and Justyn Cone to the semifinals and claimed the hot seat. On the loss side, Josh Roberts and Raed Shabit, who’d been sent over in the opening round by Chau and Cone, won five in a row, including their semifinal rematch against Chau and Cone and Louis Altes. Orcollo and Garcia stopped their run 5-2 in the final to claim the Scotch Doubles event title. 

Brackets for the various division are available online at, and online streaming coverage of three tables from this event will be available all weekend at

Midwest Billiards & Cue Expo A Roaring Success

Alex Pagulayan and Skyler Woodward

Big Dog Billiards in Des Moines, IA hosted their sixth annual extravaganza and, as usual, it was a huge success. In addition to the Cue Expo, there were four events – One Pocket, Ten Ball, Open Nine Ball and a Banks Ring Game.

For one pocket aficionados, the star-studded lineup couldn’t get much better. A very tough field of sixteen arrived and were ready to rumble. The $3000 added event had a $500 entry fee. Format was races to four, alternate break and double elimination. After the players meeting, auction and draw, play began.

Shane Van Boening drew tough but defeated all in his march to the hot seat match. Billy Thorpe was skunked 4-0, Fedor Gorst was sent packing 4-2 and Warren Kiamco went down 4-0.

In the lower half of the bracket, Roland Garcia also had a tough draw – all fellow Filipinos! One by one, they went down – Carlo Biado was defeated 4-3, Alex Pagulayan also beaten 4-3 and Roberto Gomez was blistered 4-0.

Shane and Roland met in the hot seat match where Shane locked up his seat in the finals 4-2. Roland headed west to await the results of the Tony Chohan-Alex Pagulayan match. Tony emerged the victor 4-2 leaving Alex in fourth place.

Looking for another shot at Shane, Roland handily dispatched Tony 4-0 leaving him with a third place finish and moved on to the finals.

Since this event was true double elimination, Shane would have to be beaten twice. It was a hard fought match but Shane took it down 4-3. Congratulations, Shane! Good tournament, Roland!

Friday night saw the $10,000 added Ten Ball event kick off with a players meeting, a twenty player auction & draw. Like the one pocket event, it was double elimination with a $500 entry fee. Format was races to 11 on 9 foot tables and winner break.

Two players shredded the field in their march to the hot seat match. Fedor Gorst defeated Tyler Styer 11-9, Tom Tan 11-0, Devin Poteet 11-5 and squeaked by Warren Kiamco 11-10. Sky Woodward defeated Tony Chohan 11-7, Danny Olson 11-1, Billy Thorpe 11-7 and Alex Pagulayan 11-5.

The hot seat match was a close one but Sky edged out Fedor to claim his seat in the finals. Fedor headed west to await an opponent.

Alex’s defeat by Sky must’ve gotten his attention as he bore down and defeated Roberto Gomez 11-9, Shane 11-7 and finally Fedor 11-7 for another chance at Sky.

Again, since it was true double elimination, Alex would have to beat Sky twice for the title.

The match started out neck and neck but slowly Alex built a small lead and maintained it until the end – defeating Sky 11-8 and forcing a second set.

The second set was almost all Alex as he seemed to find his groove and took the second set and the title 11-5. Congratulations, Alex! Good shooting, Sky!

Saturday night was for the bank fans. A field of eight competed in the Banks Ring Game. After several hours, defending champ Sky Woodward and Tony Chohan were the last two standing. A repeat was not in the cards as Tony eliminated Sky for the winner take all cash. Congrats, Tony! Good effort, Sky!

There were 160 players in the $2000 added bar table event. The entry fee was $25 and the format was races to seven, alternate breaks and double elimination. When the smoke cleared, it was Kristina Tkach and Nick Hanson in the finals with Kristina winning the event 7-5! Congratulations to Kristina! Well played, Nick!

Congratulations to Shane, Alex, Tony & Kristina for becoming the 2021 Big Dog champions!

In addition, many thanks to Jim Landrum and Randy Hanson, owners of Big Dog Billiards, for hosting such a great event. They and their staff rolled out the red carpet for both players and fans. It wouldn’t have been possible without them or without their sponsors. They are Diveney Custom Cues, Anderson Animal Clinic, Jacoby Custom Cues, Simonis, Aramith, Kamui and, of course, Big Dog Billiards and would like to thank Tournament Directors Dusti Bushbaum (9 ball) and Ray Hansen (pro events) for keeping things going without a hitch. Additional thanks to Jason Hill for keeping the brackets up to date.

We’d also like to thank our commentators Jeremy Jones, Larry Schwartz and Mary Kenniston for a great job.

Last, but not least, thanks to our fans and sponsors. Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, JB Cases, Hanshew Custom Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Aramith, Simonis, Durbin Custom Cues, Fort Worth Billiards Superstore and the Action Palace of Dayton, OH.

Our next event is the Champions Eight Ball Challenge featuring Scott Frost and Bobby McGrath. To be held at Rocks On The Rocks in West Peoria, IL, it will be played on seven foot Diamonds and is a race to 80 with each paying an entry fee of $20,000! Dates are August 17th-19th! Hope to see you there!

Justin Hall Wins US Open One Pocket Crown

Justin Hall and Mark Griffin

The 2021 US Open One Pocket Championships took place over the weekend of June 5th – 6th at Griff’s pool hall in Las Vegas. Mark Griffin, Gary Lutman, Griff’s staff & Tournament Director Jack Murray rolled out the red carpet for the players and fans. The professional One Pocket title is coveted by pool players worldwide who have an appreciation for this unique discipline. The game of One Pocket has become more popular over the years and a player has to combine shotmaking and skill with chess like strategy.

Stand out players in the event featured big names in the game like Tony Chohan, Justin Hall, Warren Kiamco, James Aranas, John Morra and local fan favorite Ronnie Wiseman. While there were many big names that came out to play, up and coming players such as Evan Lunda, Sergio Rivas and Rudy Alameda had stand out performances.

One of the most impressive surprise performances was put together by Bob Herchick who had an amazing run. Bob defeated John Peck 4-0, John Morra 4-0, Mike Grimm 4-2, Tony Chohan 4-3 before losing to Justin Hall 4-3 and Warren Kiamco 3-0 finishing a solid 5/6th.

Veteran grinder Justin Hall from Florida played amazing pool the entire event and went through the field undefeated. His road to the finals was a difficult one going through a gritty field. Justin defeated Mike Massey 4-0, Ronnie Wiseman 4-3, James Aranas 4-2, Bob Herchick 4-3 and Dennis Orcullo 4-1.

After losing to Justin 4-1, Dennis played stellar to defeat Warren Kiamco 4-0 to earn a spot in the finals.

The finals was a race to 5 games for the Championship, and Justin Hall put together another dominant set including capping off the match with an impressive final game – showing off his shotmaking and deep knowledge of the game. The. Final score was 4-2 Justin, who earned the new US Open One Pocket trophy along with $7,500 1st prize.

The equipment at Griff’s is world class featuring all Diamond tables, Simonis cloth and Amamith balls.

Online Brackets were provided by Digital Pool and can seen here:

Special thanks to all sponsors and supporters of the event including Simonis, Aramith, & OB Cues.

Special Thanks to Ben Sutherland and BBTV for producing a quality live stream with commentary for the fans.

The US Open 10 Ball starts on Sept 12, through the 15th. The US Open 8-Ball will immediately follow the 10-ball.

The US Open Banks Championship immediately follows the One pocket and starts June 8th and 9th. It’s free for spectators to watch and fans can find the Live Stream and follow the event by visiting Griff’s Facebook page for the info.

T-Rex, The Warrior & Mr. Smooth Take New Orleans

Tony Chohan and Scott Frost

Twenty of the top one pocket players on the planet and 101 nine-ball players stampeded to Buffalo’s On Bloomfield in Jefferson, LA for their Sixth Annual Pro Classic. There were three events: the $10,000 added Pro One Pocket event, a $500 added One Ball One Pocket Mini and the $3000 added Open Nine-Ball tournament. The double elimination one pocket event had a $2000 entry fee with all races to five. The mini had a $200 entry – limited to 32 players. Single elimination – race to three. The nine ball event was double elimination with a $100 entry fee with races to seven – alternate break.

Wednesday night, before the main event started, honored John Henderson with their Lifetime Pool In Action award. Since John wasn’t able to attend, it was hosted by Steve Booth and Mary Kenniston and live streamed for all to witness.

This was followed by the One Ball One Pocket mini-tournament. Including the players auction, there was a total purse of 15K. It was the first time for this format and everyone – players and fans alike – loved it! When the smoke cleared, it was John Morra and Jason Brown in the finals. Jaybird played great but it was Mr. Smooth who added another one pocket notch in his belt. Congratulations, John! Good tournament, Jason!

Thursday evening, the double elimination one pocket event opened with a rousing player auction and followed by a players meeting and draw. Play began and everywhere you looked, there was world class one pocket being played.

By Sunday, Tony Chohan and Scott Frost had torn through the field undefeated and met in the hot seat match. As with the previous matches, top-notch one pocket skills were displayed by both players and Chohan edged out the match 5-4 to claim his spot in the finals.

On the west side of the chart, Justin Hall defeated Dennis Orcollo leaving Dennis in fourth place. With both players looking to get into the finals, Scott and Justin duked it out. After an extremely long match, it was Scott who emerged the victor leaving Justin in third place.

The finals began with Tony Chohan rocketing out to a 4-1 lead – it looked like victory was imminent! However, Scott wasn’t done yet and clawed his way back to tie it up at 4-4. If Scott could win, he’d force a second set in the true double elimination format!

However, it wasn’t meant to be as they battled down to the last ball and Tony – Buffalo’s House Pro – pocketed it to take down the title!

Congratulations to Tony for a well-earned victory as he went undefeated – not to mention winning on home court! Great tournament, Scott!
Saturday was opening day for the Open Nine Ball event. When the smoke cleared on Sunday afternoon, it was an all-Filipino final four – Carlo Biado, Roland Garcia, Warren Kiamco and Edgie Geronimo!!! Warren was the last man standing after defeating Roland in the final match. Congratulation, Warren! Great job, Roland! would like to thank James Leone – owner of Buffalo’s Billiards – and his staff for going the extra mile to show players and fans the Big Easy spirit. Tournament Director Jason Hill did a great job delivering a well run event – thank you, Jason! Thanks to sponsors Attorney Joseph Long, Action Palace, Enviroassessments, Chris Renfro of Outsville, ArtCo, Wade Allemand, Iwan Simonis, Aramith, CR’s Sportsbar, Action 24/7, JB Cases and, of course, Buffalo’s Billiards, for their support.

We’d also like to thank Larry Schwartz, Billy Incardona, Tom Wirth, Jeremy Jones, Josh Roberts, Alex Pagulayan and Mary Kenniston for their expert commentary.

Thanks to custom cuemaker Steve Lomax of Lomax Cues for donating another beautiful $2700 cue!

And, last but not least, thanks to all our fans and sponsors for another great event. Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, Aramith, JB Cases, Hanshew Custom Cues, Durbin Custom Cues, Simonis, Diamond Billiard Products, Action Palace of Dayton, OH, CR’s Sports Bar and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next event is the $14K added Eighth Annual Big Tyme Classic in Spring, TX – June 10th-13th. Hope to see you there!

Iron City Open in Birmingham This Week

The eyes of pro pool fans in the states are focused this week on Iron City Billiards in Birmingham, Alabama for the Iron City Open. This event features $10,000 in added prize money across multiple divisions. 

Things kicked off on Thursday with a $1,000 entry / $5,000 added One Pocket event that features some of the biggest names in the game. The field includes such notables as Dennis Orcollo, Tony Chohan, Scott Frost, Billy Thorpe, John Morra, Warren Kiamco, Omar Alshaheen and the return of fan favorite Charlie Bryant. 

Friday afternoon matches will feature the final four on the winners side, with Jason Brown and John Morra already waiting for opponents. Brown will face the winner of Orcollo and Justyn Cone, while Morra waits on the winner between Kiamco and Bryant. 

On the one loss side, Josh Roberts waits on the loser between Kiamco and Bryant. Other notables still fighting on the left side of the board include Chohan, Frost, Thorpe and Alshaheen. 

Thursday will see the $1,000 added Ladies 9-Ball event kicking off. While Ming Ng will certainly be one of the favorites in this one, the rest of the field that includes Courtney Peters, Betty Lea and Janeen Lee Gardner to name just a few, will be gunning for her all weekend. 

The $4,000 added open 9-ball event will get started on Friday with a ton of top talent. Early favorites in this one will include Orcollo, James Aranas, Thorpe, Jeffrey De Luna, Kiamco, Shane McMinn, Morra, Frost and Nick De Leon. 

TvMike’s is streaming three separate tables from this event as part of their coverage. Check out the event package at the website. Fans can sign up for the broadcast coverage at

Orcollo goes undefeated to win 1st Michael Montgomery Memorial One Pocket Tournament

Dennis Orcollo (Jay Garrison)

Comes from the loss side to double dip Van Boening in 10-Ball Mini Tournament, as well

With four of the five members of the 2020 USA Mosconi Cup team on hand for the festivities, the Michael Montgomery Memorial Tournament got underway last Wednesday (Jan. 27) with a $5,000-added One Pocket Tournament that drew 12 entrants to Snookered Billiards and Bar in Frisco, TX. Dennis Orcollo went undefeated through the field, downing Corey Deuel twice (hot seat and finals) to claim the title. He had no sooner finished winning the One Pocket Tournament, when he moved right into the start of a $1,000-added 10-Ball Mini Tournament on Friday night, Jan. 29. Orcollo didn’t have to face Deuel in the 10-ball event, but he did double dip Shane Van Boening to claim the 10-Ball title.

The finalists in the One Pocket event (Orcollo and Deuel) were the recipients of opening-round byes, as were Tony Chohan and Billy Thorpe. In the second round, Orcollo drew Roberto Gomez and defeated him 4-1 to advance to a winners’ side semifinal match against Thorpe, who’d just sent Van Boening to the loss side, 4-3. Deuel, in the meantime, opened with a second round, double hill win over fellow Mosconi Cup teammate Sky Woodward to draw Chohan in the other winners’ side semifinal.

Orcollo advanced to the hot seat match with a 4-2 victory over Thorpe, as Deuel and Woodward locked up in a double hill battle that eventually advanced Deuel. After winning two double hill matches, Deuel found himself outmatched in the battle for the hot seat. Orcollo shut him out and waited on his return. 

On the loss side, Thorpe picked up Scott Frost, who’d lost his opening match to Van Boening and on the loss side, defeated Mosconi Cup teammate Sky Woodward 3-2. Thorpe advanced and picked up a forfeit win over Chip Compton before running into Thorpe. Chohan drew Van Boening, who’d followed his defeat at the hands of Thorpe with victories over Gus Briseno and Roberto Gomez, both 3-1. 

Thorpe did what he had to do to reach Van Boening for a quarterfinal rematch, winning his battle against Frost 3-1. Van Boening, though, was shutout by Chohan, who promptly did likewise to Thorpe in those quarterfinals. Deuel and Chohan battled to double hill in the semifinals, but it was Deuel who prevailed for a second and potential third shot at Orcollo in the hot seat.

Having shut Deuel out in the hot seat match, Orcollo may have been looking forward to an easy trip in the finals. Deuel, though, put up a serious fight in the opening set and forced a 7th and deciding game. Orcollo hung on to win it and claim his second title at this event.

The list of ‘Usual Suspects’ moved right into a 10-Ball battle

With Deuel not participating, many of the competitors who’d signed on to the One Pocket tournament, got right back to work playing 10-Ball on Friday night. Three of Dennis Orcollo’s final five matches in the $1,000-added, 16-entrant 10-Ball Mini Tournament went double hill. One of the two that didn’t, put Shane Van Boening in the hot seat. 

Orcollo opened with a 7-5 win over Tony Top, which he followed with a 7-3 win over Scott Frost to draw James Aranas in one of the winners’ side semifinals. Van Boening, in the meantime, opened with a 7-1 win over JP Kinman and then downed two of his Mosconi Cup teammates in a row; Billy Thorpe 7-5 and in the other winners’ side semifinal, Sky Woodward 7-4. Orcollo battled to double hill versus Aranas, but did eventually advance to challenge Van Boening in the hot seat match. Van Boening defeated him 7-2 and waited on his return.

Aranas and Woodward moved west and met up with Jalal Alsarisi and Jeffrey DeLuna, respectively. Alsarisi had lost his opening match to Scott Frost and on the loss side, had defeated Tony Top 6-2, John Morra 6-4 and Fedor Gorst 6-2 to draw Aranas. Deluna had lost his opening match, as well (to John Morra), and had gotten by Tony Chohan and Scott Frost, both 6-1, before downing Roberto Gomez 6-3 to pick up Woodward. 

DeLuna and Alsarisi made it four loss-side wins in a row with their defeat over Woodward 6-4 and Aranas 6-3. DeLuna then made it five in a row with a double hill win over Alsarisi in the quarterfinals, before Orcollo put a stop to that streak 6-4 in the semifinals.

The true double elimination final that followed was certainly the best pool match of 2021, so far. Not to take anything away from the Mosconi Cup battles, but it might arguably have been the best head-to-head matchup between two champions of their caliber in well over a year. Both sets of the final went double hill and Orcollo won them both to claim the 10-Ball Mini Tournament title.

Tournament representatives thanked the ownership and staff at Snookered Billiards and Bar for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Omega, Predator, Simonis, ACME, Doc’s Billiards Office, LBS Championship Pool, Staggs Plumbing, Clutch Shot Billiards Apparel, John Eagle Honda of Dallas, Molina Mike, Dunski Dungeon, 1st Choice Appliance Repair, D Real Pool Promotions, Outsville, Hanshew Jump Cues, PDQ, Rackem Live Stream, Diamond, Off the Rail and OB Cues.

T-Rex Survives The Freezer

Ray Hansen, Tony Chohan, Paradise Billiards Owners Carmen & Cici Margo

This was the match that everyone has talked about for a long time! The wait was over – arrangements were made and the venue was set!

Paradise Billiards in Atlantis, FL was the destination for every one pocket aficionado in the region to watch legends Tony Chohan and Scott Frost duke it out this weekend in this latest iteration of the Champion’s Challenge. It was a race to thirty to be played over three days – race to ten, then the first to reach twenty with the final day to thirty.

Local sponsors for the match included Rosalita’s Tex-Mex Grill, Boynton Billiards and Patrick Driscoll of Obsidian Financial Services. We’d like to thank them as well as room owner Carmen Margo and his staff who went the extra mile to make everyone feel at home.

Day One was all Scott as he kept Tony shooting off the rail. He leapt out to a 10-4 score. Things looked bleak for all the Chohan bettors as the Frost camp whooped it up.

However, Day Two was a completely different story. Tony knew he had his work cut out for him. He charged out of the gate and won game after game until the score was tied at eleven! Tony kept the pressure on completely dominating the day and finished with the lead at 20-17.

Day Three saw the first few games go back and forth with Tony still in the lead. Scott dug deep and tied it up at 26-26! Game on!!!

The next game saw a great runout by Tony – he fought his way to the hill but Scott wasn’t done yet as he won the next game – 29-27. That was to be the last game won by Scott as Tony closed out the match 30-27.

Both players had their ups and downs as well as some spectacular play. It was a hard fought match and I’m pretty sure there’s a rematch in their future.

We’d like to thank Jeremy Jones for his excellent commentary as well as guest commentators Billy Incardona and the author of “One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Agression,” Tom Wirth.

We’d also like to thank our fans and our sponsors – you make this all possible. Sponsors include John Barton of JB Cases, Hanshew Jump Cues, Fort Worth Billiards Superstore, Lomax Custom Cues, StraightPoolEye, Durbin Custom Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis, Aramith, EnviroAssessments and our host venue, Paradise Billiards.

Our next stop is Bogies in Houston, TX for the one pocket rematch of Roberto Gomez and Chip Compton. Dates are December 10th-12th – hope to see you there!!!

Superman Keeps The Lion From Texas One Pocket Final Four

Roberto Gomez

The 47th Annual Texas Open One Pocket Division is down to just four players with one small surprise. 

The matches went as expected by most fans until late in the day on Thursday. Shane Van Boening and Dennis Orcollo ran through the top of the bracket and will face each other on Friday evening for a place in the final match. Orcollo was nearly perfect, only dropping one rack to Corey Deuel, while Van Boening had a small scare in his opening 5-3 win over Rick Moreno. 

The bottom of the bracket looked to be heading to a Tony Chohan / Alex Pagulayan face off. Chohan squeaked into the final four with a hill-hill win over Billy Thorpe and Pagulayan faced a hill-hill match of his own, but was not able to get by “Superman” Roberto Gomez. That leaves Gomez facing Chohan on Friday afternoon to determine who makes it to the finals. 

Friday also sees the open 9-ball event starting with 128 players looking for their share of $10,000 in added prize money. 

Fans can follow all of the action with online brackets for the One Pocket Division and Open 9-Ball Division. Pool Action TV is also providing PPV streaming coverage of the event. 

Texas Open Kicks Off One Pocket Event

Dennis Orcollo

The 47th Annual Texas Open kicked off on Wednesday night at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas  with a who’s who of top players competing in a “race to three” 9-ball mini-tournament. Alex Calderon came out on top of that event, defeating Jeffrey De Luna in the finals. 

The One Pocket event kicks off on Thursday with twenty three competing for over $35,000 in prize money. The crowd favorite is Dennis Orcollo, fresh off his hill-hill win over Shane Van Boening last weekend in their 10-ball challenge match. Van Boening is also competing in this event and the two players could face off again if they win their afternoon matches on Thursday. 

The second and third biggest “crowd favorites”, Tony Chohan and Alex Pagulayan also look to be on a collision course if they can win their afternoon matches. 

Friday’s schedule includes the One Pocket finals at 4pm, with matches in the open 9-ball division kicking off at 10:00 AM. 

Fans can catch all of the action online with Pay Per View coverage provided by Pool Action TV.