Tahti Becomes World Champ Two Years in a Row

Jouni Tahti of Finland has successfully defended his World Wheelchair Championship by defeating long-time foe Aaron Aragon of the USA 11-6 in the finals played Friday at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Multi-time World Champion Aragon kept it close coming out of the gate but stalled at 6 games as Tahti played two-way shots that left Aragon hunting for kicks or table-length razor-cuts.

Tahti's strategy paid off. By disarming the powerful shotmaking machine of Aragon, Tahti was free to roam the table and he managed the last half of the match beautifully. Tahti left tough shot after tough shot and a frustrated-looking Aragon kept watching his best efforts go awry and result in leaves for Tahti.

Aragon had taken an undefeated trip through the brackets to the finals. In fact, he had sent Tahti to the one-loss side with a 9-4 win in the 4th round. Tahti only used this misfortune to keep his arm warm and he dispatched Matt Duffy (9-4), Daniel Loton (9-5) and Roy Kimberly (9-6) before getting his revenge on Aragon to win the World Championship for the second consecutive year.

A tip of the AZB hat to the Peppermill Hotel and Casino and to Tony Annagoni of the USPPA, all of his staff and the Two Cushion Club in Fairfield, California. We also appreciate the long hours of work put in by Jeff Dolezal and for the work done by Scott Smith by keeping the matches running and always making the right call. 


1)     Jouni Tahti
2)     Aaron Aragon
3)     Roy Kimberly
4)     Daniel Loton
5-6) Matt Duffy, Tankred Volkmer
7-8) Kurt Deklerck, Joachim Schuler,
9-12) Fred Dinsmore, Craig Welsh, Tony Southern, Jeff Dolezal
13-16) Charlie Hans, Hydred Makabali, Brad Rautio, Bob Calderon
17-24) Johnny Holland, Darrell Rahn, Chris Parnell, Takahiro Terada, Charles Interrante, Charles Sexton, Jeff Winters