Taiwanese seeded No. 1 in World Pool Championship

MANILA, PHILIPPINES---Defending world pool champion Chia-ching Wu of Chinese Taipei has been seeded No. 1 in the 2006 World Pool Championship scheduled in Manila on November 4th to 12th.

This was announced by Matchroom Sports, lead promoter of the tournament, which officially released today the top 32 seeds in the event.

Efren "Bata" Reyes of the Philippines, WPC champion 1999 and recent winner of the IPT 8-Ball Championship in Reno, Nevada, is seeded second.

Thorsten Hohmann of Germany (WPC champion 2003) and Alex Pagulayan of the Philippines (WPC champion 2004) are seeded third and fourth respectively.

Four other Filipino players made it to the top 32. They are: Marlon Manalo (5), Francisco Bustamente (10), Dennis Orcullo (16), and Jose Parica (23). Chinese Taipei, Germany and the United States had five players each in the official seedings.

The seedings are important because each of the 32 seeded players will head a group in the elimination round of the WPC. They will not meet until the knockout stages of the tournament. Full listing of the members of each group will be released tomorrow.

The complete WPC seedings are as follows:
1. Chia-ching Wu,Chinese Taipei
2. Efren Reyes,Philippines
3. Thorsten Hohmann, Germany
4. Alex Pagulayan, Philippines
5. Marlon Manalo, Philippines
6. Kuo Po-cheng, Chinese Taipei
7. Ralf Souquet, Germany
8. Johnny Archer, USA
9. Thomas Engert, Germany
10. Francisco Bustamante, Philippines
11. Mika Immonen, Finland
12. Rodney Morris, USA
13. Marcus Chamat, Sweden
14. Yang Ching-shun, Chinese Taipei
15. Nick van den Berg, Netherlands
16. Dennis Orcollo, Philippines
17. Earl Strickland, USA
18. Niels Feijen, Netherlands
19. Chao Fong-pang, Chinese Taipei
20. Imran Majid, England
21. Oliver Ortmann, Germany
22. Corey Deuel, USA
23. Jose Parica, Philippines
24. Jeremy Jones, USA
25. Alex Lely, Netherlands
26. Chang Pei-wei, Chinese Taipei
27. Vilmos Foldes, Hungary
28. Christian Reimering, Germany
29. Kunihiko Takahashi, Japan
30. Fabio Petroni, Italy
31. Markus Juva, Finland
32. Daryl Peach, England