TAR to stream The International Cue Collectors Show

September 4th and 5th will see The Action Report at the premiere gathering of cue makers and cue collectors in the world. The International Cue Collector Show taking place this year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This show features some of the worlds elite cue collections on display as well as displays by some of the finest cue makers. No matter what your taste in fine cues there is sure to be something here that catches your eye.

TAR streamed the show last year for the first time in it's history. This year we are making history again by providing the viewing audience the opportunity to actually purchase cues directly from the cue makers live online. Through the live chat feature viewers will be able to ask questions of the cue makers and collectors live.The stream is free both days and can be viewed on The Action Report home page. Please join us for what is sure to be a unique and exciting event.

The event is taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico at The Inn At Loretto and is open to the public on Saturday from 1PM to 5PM MDT.

The displaying Cue Makers at this years event are: Richard Chudy ,Pfd Studio,Gilbert Cues, AE Cues, McWorter, Thomas Wayne, Josswest, Samsara, Nitti Cues, Bill Schick, Bender Cues, and Mezz Cues.

The displaying collectors at this years event are: Prout, Watters, Hoskins, Price, Kerner, Malott, Gonzales, Grassley, Oharo, Goulden, Walton, Windham, Matsumi, Martino, Watkins, Colston, and Kurasaki.

To view the live stream just go www.theactionreport.com.

If you have any interest in the art and craft of fine cues, or would just like to see interviews and conversations with some very interesting people please join us for a unique look into the high end of the custom cue world.