Tarantula upsets Robles on US Open day two

Pablo Matheu

Day two at the 30th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship held more than it's fair share of upsets.

Florida's Pablo 'The Tarantula' Matheu (who has scored more than his share of US Open upsets followed up his win over John Macias on Monday with a win over Tony Robles on Tuesday. Matheu will have another tough task before him on Wednesday when he faces Alex Pagulayan.

David Grossman sent former US Open Champion Rodney Morris to the one loss side on Tuesday and will face Lee Heuwagen on Wednesday. Brandon Shuff upset Santos Sambajon and will face Andreas Roshkowski on Wednesday. Dave Hemmah followed up a win over Nick Varner with a win over PJ Massicotte to stay undefeated. Hemmah will face David Matlock on Wednesday.

Wednesday winners side matches include such marquee matchups as Mika Immonen vs Marlon Manalo, Francisco Bustamante vs Marcus Chamat, Shawn Putnam vs Johnny Archer and John Schmidt vs Efren Reyes.

Online brackets are updated with all but the late round matches from Tuesday. We will try for a bracket update on Wednesday afternoon but may not have an update until Wednesday early evening.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe