Team Immonen wins IPT Pro Am Championship

Mika Immonen

The IPT congratulates Mika Immonen and his team for winning the first IPT Pro-Am Championship. Immonen faced fellow IPT Pro Charlie Bryant in the final race-to-three, $50,000 match!

Despite making several awesome shots, and getting to the hill first, Charlie Bryant was not able to hold off Mika's strong offensive attack in the end. Matches were streamed via a live web cam set up for the event, and a recording of the final match is streaming on the homepage right now at

This event was the first in many years to bring such pool talent to the Chicagoland area. Fans who came to Palace Billiards were treated to many great matches and were able to interact with some of the game's living legends and other top players. Amateurs who competed in the event expressed how much they liked playing against professionals, and how valuable they thought the experience was for their development.

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