The Hitman Shows His Support For The Afghan Heroes At Headley Court

Deborah Simpson, Tony Drago, Founder of Afghan Heroes Denise Harris and Raj Hundal

Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court is an 85-acre United Kingdom Ministry of Defence facility in Headley. It is used as a rehabilitation centre for injured members of the British Armed Forces. Headley Court provides specialist medical officers, nurses, medical instructors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, a cognitive therapist, social workers, engineers, and administration support staff. Not only does the centre deal with patients with new physical disabilities, but it also deals with patients suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder. The rehabilitation areas of the unit consist of hydrotherapy pools, gymnasiums and workshops for prosthetics. Headley Court is still in need of further facilities, particularly a full size swimming pool, as patients currently have to share public facilities, which has led to unpleasant confrontation. The charity, Afghan Heroes was set up in July 2009, with its first objective of raising money to build these facilities.

Two world class pool players, Raj Hundal and Tony Drago came together to present Headly Court with a brand new professional pool table donated by the Afgan Heroes. The evening consisted of Raj and Tony meeting and greeting those who have been injured in the line of duty. The evening comenced with both players partnering up with a military personnel, and playing each other in a friendly doubles tournament whilst Nigel Rees refereed and John McDonald added to the entertainment with his legendary microphone skills.

With the warming reaction he received from the injuried soldiers, Denise Harris founder of Afghan Heroes honored Raj as a Patron of Billiards for the charity.

“The night was great in every way. If there is one thing I respect its showing heart, these soldiers showed me what heart really was. I'm ashamed of what the media really hides from us, but I would be more ashamed if I couldn't help. I was made the Honourable Cue Sport Patron for the Afghan Heroes Charity and it felt like one of my biggest achievements ever. Thank you”

This motivational evening of laughter and enjoyment, ended with a raffel draw with prizes donated by Afgan Heroes and the proceeds donated to improve the facilities of Headly Court.