Thorburn off to good start in Quebec

The Alain Robidoux Invitational Snooker Tournament got underway on Tuesday at Le Resto-Billard La Bande au Coin in St-Lambert, Québec. Some of the top snooker talent in Canada is competing at this prestigous event.

Cliff Thorburn got off to a good start on Wednesday with a 5-0 victory over André Roy, one of the best snooker players in Québec. Cliff is looking good so far. A player known more for his 9-ball game, Alex Pagulayan, is also playing strong and has the current high run of 123.

During his first match on Tuesday, Claude Bernatchez was leading and unfortunately bad luck on the game ball cost him the opportunity to make it to the next round. During the 7th game, while sinking the last black, the white ball unfortunately followed. The rest was history. This turn of events eliminated Bernatchez and sent Bill Cooper to the second level of 32 players.

Complete brackets for this event are available on the Quebec Snooker Players Association Website at